BoBA Post of the Week

FFXIV: Uninstall

The Wynn Casino rings in the New Year!

Happy New Year!!!


Australia in the World Cup finals! YEAH!

The Galaxy: 2005 US Open Cup AND MLS Cup Champs!

So long, Fightin' Bob!

Highs and lows


A fake press release...

Looking for changes

Saturday: Mission

Second day in a nutshell

John, Ed, and Professor Tom. A.K.A. The first day

Volleyballs and bottles

First day at the Bookstore register

New frames!

A temp job...and a phone troll

Mayhem in Compton

My degrees have arrived!

Bike Trip

I turned 21 today.

Haine, Haine, Haine. Exclusive to BoBA.

Ohohohohohohooooh Shandong!

I like crisp light brown colors.

A resolution: I will use this blog again!

Walking on a windmill

No new posts until August...

London calling...

Happy first and fourth of July!


The fourth exam: I know where's I'm heading...

Head full of steam tonight...

How about those Angels!

Takarazuka Kinen

My web site is back!

Confidence, Part 2: ...any?

Confidence, part 1: Is there...

A phase?

No sympathy needed...

Tu principe...