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Fire And Ice

Head full of steam tonight...

Okay, my head is full of steam. And it's not because of the Galaxy on a 4-game winless streak, or the fact that the Angels' winning streak was snapped tonight by the Texas Rangers. (I'll get back to them later) It's the mere fact that some people know how to approach situations the right way. I know this for a fact, and it cost me my previous job (note I said previous, as I am being evaluated for a position at CSULB *flicks the finger at the LBUSD*), and it's not likely I will do it again (unless provoked the uber-wrong way.)

I was stunned that the San Francisco 49ers would shoot themselves in the foot after this incident:

Why would you show a porn video as training? Not only that, adding bullsit remarks about the mayor of SF, about gays and lesbians, and Asians, Chinese in particular. The 49ers tried to make amends...,1413,135~29810~2922535,00.html
but the last speaker in the gallery of Chinese-Americans, Barry Lee, did not realize (or probably knows by now) he has options: Cheer for the Raiders! If not, cheer for the Cal Golden Bears<>

Back to the Rangers. Before the game, during a pregame practice stretch, this 40-year old pitcher, Kenny Rogers, slams a couple cameras to the ground, and injures a local TV cameraman in the process...
Now look here, this guy is 40 years old, in the twilight of his career. He should have just settled down and reflected on how he has done the past several years in the majors, instead of acting half his age or more and damaging cameras. Please. He won't be taken back by any major league baseball club, that's for sure. And I don't think the independent minor-league teams wouldn't want his to pitch for them. I don't want the Long Beach Armada to pick up a player like Kenny Rogers. He threatened to retire: I think his retirement starts now. Nice way to end your baseball career, Kenny! Or should I say...ruin?

I have another Law exam before the Final tomorrow. I think I'll just try to survive. I know where I will be, barring a miracle.