My web site is back!

I am over the moon today. I got my web site back, on Of course, I had to do some uploading, and cut down on some files because I had to be under this quota of 100 MB, or else there would be some serious action because I haven't been giving the others on CSULB a fair share of the disk space. So what? Before they laid this on me, this was one of the sites a lot of people would go to. Why water it down. Eventually, I reduced the site to nothing more than fanfiction and a few downloads...for now. I will be putting back California, my fanart section, back up for everyone to enjoy.

My url for the site is at your right hand side, the first link in the list of links. Be sure to check it out, it has a whole new look.

And on a side note, I think I did better in the third Law exam. Maybe a score in the high 60's or better. I'll do anything to get a C or better in this class, I need it!

That's all for now...oh, and congrats to the Spurs, they knocked off those darn Pistons. You know, my Law instructor is such a Pistons fan...I guess she didn't want to have her face seen after her team lost. Hahah, serves her right!