Tu principe...

"Value your love for me more than your looks!!" -Kouyama Mitsuki

I can't help but laugh at that comment.

I read the entire Full Moon manga, and I was impressed with how the story turned out. I think the entire manga community would have been outraged if the story didn't have a happy ending. Mitsuki looks hotter when she is older, and is a veteran of the stage. I predict there will be a fanfic (if there isn't already) of her and Takuto having a family, and all that jazz that comes after the parents being idols, and their children being idols, too. I think the Kira clan just got some fresh vocal blood in. Perpetuation, perpetuation...

I can't wait to see how the anime plotline went. If you check the links to your right, there is a link in which you can view an episode from FMwS. At this point, Full Moon has officially surfaced, and now her junior high peers are left to decide if this blonde beauty is worth cheering for. Well, of course! She's Full Moon, gosh darnit, what are you going to do!?

Anyway, I am anticipating earnestly my grades from my first Law exam. I think I hit upper 70's to lower 80's. I sometimes got confused at the language regarding which case falls where. Last night I read this ZZ Top article in which a couple of lawsuits were filed by people who say that ZZ Top allegedly stole their music. John Lee Hooker must be reeling in his grave if he's already seen the world come crashing down.

I checked the scores for the FIFA World Youth Championship, and the USA disposed of those pesky Argentinians 1-0. If the USA can continue to get results like that, we got a good shot at pushing through into the semifinals, even into the championship game. Look out Brazil, here comes America. Come forth, Sam's Army. (and think of some good songs for Chrissakes...)

I have to say, how about that Galaxy? In spite of an below-average effort, Kevin "El Gato" Hartman gets his 100th win (and receives a special trophy from the Riot Squad), and Landon Donovan scores the game-winning goal to give the LA Galaxy their 7th win this year. Once again, we are one point behind FC Dallas, and I hope we take care of business against Colorado. The Crapids won't lay down and die, though, because, like every MLS team, they play with pride, so we're gonna have to bring it.

I shall continue my rantings and ravings tomorrow. Cross your fingers and hope that I got a decent result from my Law exam! >_<"