Happy first and fourth of July!

Canada has celebrated their birthday, and soon the USA will follow. I am stoked. This week is the last week of those Law classes, and I am excited to get this out of the way. This Saturday, I will get to watch some NBA players strut their stuff in the Summer Pro League. Hopefully the Lakers will take care of Dallas in that game they have that day. The Angels are off on another tear again, and the Saskatchewan Roughriders are on a two-game win streak this season, although the win against Hamilton wasn't easy. At least they won. I'm awaiting the outcome between Vancouver Whitecaps women and the Seattle Sounders ladies because if the Caps win, they are off to the playoffs.

The Long Beach Armada are off to a tear of their own, winning five straight, and sweeping the Surprise Fightin' Falcons in the Armada's home series. The San Diego Surf Dogs are off on a tear of their own, and the Armada is still six games behind the Surf Dogs for tops in the GBL California Division. Damn that Rickey Henderson. He has regained his stealing touch.

I was surprised that there were teams from Edmonton and Calgary in the Northern League. What's even more interesting is that the former PCL tenants in their respective stadiums moved south. (Edmonton previously won a PCL title as the Trappers, before continuing their success as the Sacramento RiverCats.) Now there are the Edmonton Cracker-Cats (a scoff at the ex-Trappers moved south?) and the Calgary Vipers, who are within striking distance of Fargo-Moorhead (the undisputed Yankees of the Northern League) in the Northern League Northern Division. Better get hot, before those darn RedHawks keep pace and take the first half crown...

I shall soak in the rest of this fourth of July, maybe even draw some more, before sweating out the final days of classes.