I like crisp light brown colors.

With a new university to go to comes a change...in color preference! Now I'm in love with crisp, light brown, chocolate/caramel colors. No, it's not because of dessert or anything sweet. I like it for a few reasons:
It's earthy and smooth, like a shake.It allows you to reflect and release.It matches your skin well.It gets you prepared to live an adult relationship, whether or not it happens.It's more mature-looking.It's sheen.It's melty, like chocolate ice cream.It's silky.It gives you feeling of euphoria, without feeling high.It's not like I will feel red all over again.I'm tired of feeling red.I'm no longer a JUCO student.I'm tired of thinking about Long Beach City College (though I might consider joining the ranks of the alumni association).And this is just my opinions about light, crisp, brown colors.
Seems I'm looking forward to the future, aren't I? But the bottom line is, I've had a change in color preference.
I also have a new blog: Love and Liberty. This is on Seiyausagi.net, as you can see, I have an emotional attachment to Sailor Moon, only because it started my addiction to anime. I've watched the last few episodes, and though they are losing their punch on me, I will never forget how giddy I was about that stuff in the late nineties. I won't post at that blog as often as posting BoBA or this blog, now officially renamed BoMB!: Bedlam on MySpace Boulevard, but the posts there now and then will be occasional, or whenver I want to take a shot of nostalgia.


FUYU said…
I like those colors a lot too!

I know what you mean about the attachment to SM. I first saw SM when I was 14.. and I'm 26 now. ^-^;; I may not be as into it as I once was, but I definately have an attachment to it as well. :)

Welcome to SeiyaUsagi.Net and we hope to see you more often!