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Fire And Ice

My degrees have arrived!

After winning a few more rivalry trophies on NCAA Football 2006 (including a virtual keg of nails symbolizing toughness akin to the contents inside), I wandered over to the mailbox to see if there was anything for me inside. Turns out, there was this small, slightly thick, white cardboard envelope, with the sender being “Long Beach Community College Admissions and Records, 4901 E. Carson Street, Long Beach, California 90808.” I had a gut feeling that three years of hard work and fun had been packaged in this envelope. Opening the contents, I found a voter registrations form, and two of the most beautiful pieces of paper that I would treasure forever. They were identical, but nonetheless beautiful to look at, and to keep.

They were my degrees. My Associate of Arts degrees in Liberal Arts (Option II) and Computer Business Information Systems (Track 1) were sent to me today. I was elated, but I asked my mom if I could get a new frame to place my diploma, my tassel, and my pins that I received over the course of my stay at LBCC. I then showed her my degrees, and she promised to give me a reward for receiving these diplomas, which now I can use for a lot of things, which I can’t name off the top of my head, because I am looking forward to football season.

Only one thing is remaining from LBCC that I still need, my Business Law grade. I shall ask Admissions to locate it next week, so that I can send it over if it looks good. Otherwise, I may have to retake the darn thing, which is the last thing I want to do, hmph.

I’m really looking forward to the last week in August, when classes at the Beach start. I’m ready to see some hot chicks kick ass in soccer and volleyball. *drools* See, from what I know is that the girls who play soccer and volleyball at Long Beach State are hot and cute to boot. I hope one of them is single and boy-shy, because that’s when I will come in and see if I can get a connection. If not, there’s always the other chicks from the sororities and co-ed business fraternity at the Beach that I can hit on. *le sigh, in a Parisian voice* What is a single bachelor like me to do when he is looking for love as well as good grades? Le sigh. Oh le sigh. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…….*pout*

Next week, I may consider checking out LBCC again just to visit…actually, I’m going there to visit and attend the ASB meeting next Monday. I am hoping the next Cabinet is going to have a stronger voice that we did last year.

I shall go ahead and grab some more of those trophies, if only to imagine that another trophy is falling from the sky, through the roof and into my room. Heh, I think we have another roof to fix…much to the chagrin of my family. Sorry, Mom, but I LOVE FOOTBALL!


FUYU said…
Congrats on your degrees! :) - From Usako