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Quick hits: April 19

I can’t believe that my Spring Break was boring. While my parents and older sister (she’s still a brat) were out working, I was stuck doing some studying and sleeping in. How boring is that!? I mean, why can’t Cal State Long Beach just do Spring Break the following week? I guess that would be bad timing….

Speaking of which, my mom checked out some new houses in Las Vegas the past few days. She’s planning on giving me a new home to live in. I don’t mind Vegas, but there are two things I have a problem with: cigarette smoke and the heat in the summer. The casinos and the one-arm bandits are a non-issue here…

Long Beach State’s volleyball team will take on BY-Who this Saturday in the quarterfinals of the MPSF tournament at the Pyramid. We defeated BYU twice this year, but will the third time be the charm for the defending national chumps? I hope not…

Just one more month, and I am done with this semester. But I got a grip of classes to go. Anyway, I’ve had enough posting. I gotta do some cramming for a couple of midterms coming up this week.