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Fire And Ice

A Sunday jaunt

I love Right Said Fred. I like one of their recent songs, “You’re My Mate,” and it seems to be one of companionship while watching a football game. But that’s a different story. Last Sunday, I was bored, and I wanted to go ahead and take a trip to Los Angeles. So, I took the trains first to Little Tokyo, where I bought the recent issue of Megami magazine. A whopping 11 dollars plus change. That was the only book I bought.

But I decided not to just limit myself to visiting Little Tokyo. I wanted more. So, I went on the Red Line to visit Hollywood, stopping off at Hollywood and Highland. I shot pictures of stars on the Walk of Fame, while seeing various people cosplaying as superheroes, Disney characters; even a Freddy Krueger was tapping me on the head in a jovial manner.

After spending an hour shooting photos of stars, I decided to go ahead and take the Orange Line to Warner Center, in the San Fernando Valley. Along the way, I saw a group of Argentine supporters waving their flag and celebrating. I knew that the albeceleste has defeated Mexico. Later, I would find out that Maxi Rodriguez made the game winning goal in extra time. Curious, I made a pit stop at Pierce College. When I got off, it was like I was thrown in an oven. It was a scorcher. There was a festival going on at Pierce, and the heat made it unbearable to walk inside and visit the campus. Thank god the sprinklers were on. I was able to re-hydrate myself a bit!

Afterwards, I took the Orange Line to Warner Center, where I realized that I was starving. Thank god for Trimana Grill. I wolfed down a sandwich, fries, and a couple of Cokes like there was no tomorrow. I then stopped by the Barnes and Noble, where I stumbled upon a Thinking Man’s Guide to the World Cup. In the Australia section, I saw the story of Australia taking on American Samoa in 2001, where the poor teenage Samoan side was run over in world-record fashion 31-0. I personally hope American Samoa tries to make improvements in being a strong side in Oceania, but with American sports taking precedence, it’s highly unlikely.

Australia did make it to the Round of 16, thus sending Bruce Arena’s perceived comment that Australia was a weak side to hell, but they lost on a last-second penalty to Italy, 1-0, but not before a successful World Cup run.

When I was waiting for the Orange Line, a black teenage prostitute was asking if I had a cell phone. When I said “no,” she said, “Thanks for lying.” Well, yes sistah, I did lie, but, w3rd up, it was for good reasons, yo.
1. I was down to my last bar. Long calls are a no-no.
2. I charge people I don’t know $10 for using my cell. Exceptions are family, and people I work with or work for in a company of mine.
3. I am wary of theft. Ergo, see rule number 2.

I them decided to make on last stop, this time to visit LA City College. As I visited the campus, I realized that it did look like another high school. This college, only 2 years younger that Long Beach City, had one of the strongest men’s basketball teams in the state. But they were having a financial crunch. An old, non-functioning scoreboard presided over a parking lot, a sad reminder of the football team that used to linger at LACC. And the parking lot was called Snyder Field. I was disgusted to see that scoreboard in the parking lot. It made me realize, when will Cubs football come back? Compare this to Long Beach City, the Vikings have a much better athletics program.

And that’s when I decided to go ahead and head home. Maybe tomorrow I will head over to LA Trade Tech and see what they have to offer. Photos to come soon.