BoBA Post of the Week

Fire And Ice

Blowout and relief.

I should correct myself: Ice Cube, who I know for hits like “Bop Gun” featuring George Clinton of Parliament and Funkadelic fame, was the one who quoted that “today was a good day.” Ice Cube, along with other stars like Eazy E, and the Arabian Sheik, formed the rap supergroup NWA. And these guys were street smart and defied authority for a reason. Their album “Straight Outta Compton” is one of my favorite Rap Albums, and it paved the way for West Coast rap, and gangsta rap in general.

But back to the point. It was a good day. I went into the Pyramid thinking, oh man, Long Beach State was going to have a rough match against UC Santa Barbara. I was wrong. It was so one sided, that the threes were easily made from NBA range by Aaron Nixon and the gang. It got so ugly that with a few minutes left, the boosters headed to the exits. Déjà vu? Not exactly. UCLA would cream Santa Barbara. They knocked us down by 30. We took it out on their little brother by 36.

And the best part is; we actually played like Long Beach State that night. If this holds up, the boosters, fans, and players will see a contract extension offer, or another big one from across the nation. Or Larry Reynolds could be looking at returning to San Bernardino in glory, knowing that he could win at the Division I level.

Things are looking up here, because the players are on a mission. Let’s see if every day will be a good day for the Beach, and every game will be an even better game.

Also, I finally got my last grade. I got a B in Economics 333. With that out of the way, I look forward to Spring 2007 more than ever.