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USA, Italy, Brazil, and…Iraq!?

My take on the early Heisman contenders

SOAR and sleep

In the days when police officers kept the peace...Part 2

In the days when police officers kept the peace...

Two sorry cities, two sorry affairs.

More Football Futility

Oh Lord, not another weekend from hell...

Grads do it right - News


And it starts all over again.


Friday the 13th

So Melbourne Victory did get some early silverware, after all…

USA 2-1 Uruguay: Own goal, and then a brawl afterwards. What mo, er, less could you ask for?

Woe-klahoma! Chokelahoma! The Great Depression returns to Okie-land again, and the Cowboys are smiling wide.

The New, Officlal Los Angeles Galaxy Logo. Finally.

News flash: The AL East is still up for grabs.

Bryan Brothers choke in the final. The world turned upside down.

At Anime Expo 2007...

Japan’s Tsunami silenced by Route 66