As August 2 rolls in…

I leave much to be desired. I got a score of 32 out of 50 in my first BLAW exam. I attest that to not checking my answers in the Study Guide. I will have to rectify that next Tuesday. Meanwhile, in my Management class, I got a score of 40 out of 50 in my second exam, an improvement from 38. This made me satisfied, because the first time I took a stab at this course, my first two exams were too bloody low. I had to drop the course.

Perhaps because the Master, Dr. Philip Chong, provided practice exams, I was able to do much better this time than when I had that ill-fated outing with Sal Kukalis. Bloody Greek; he didn’t provided me this, and he wouldn’t let me use the DSS office. If things go the way they are, and my portfolio and team project are relatively scot-free, I will have successfully exorcised those demons from last Fall. Ugh. My mind just starts to shudder just thinking about it.

My thoughts on blacklists: many of them are nothing but biased suggestions. If you are the manager, or executive of a company, it ain’t your obligation to follow them, because the government sees it as a bunch of BS.