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Donating blood = a waste of time?

Well, that will be the last time I donate blood at a church for a while.

Up until this point, I didn’t have a problem with the delivery of my blood. But today, at St. Pancratius Church in Lakewood, some rather unqualified staff from the American Red Cross messed up my donation. The needle got clogged, and I started to feel like how my mom felt when the washer started to grate loudly a few weeks ago.

I probably have an idea why not a lot of people donate blood out here. The people at the Red Cross can’t even do the process right themselves. They apologized to me, but I said, “Oh, like hell I’m gonna hear it. Apologize to the people who need the donations. You screwed up, and you’re gonna have to deal with it.”

Thanks a lot, Red Cross. You wasted my time with your uncompelling incompetence. Let that clot be on your head until you can your shit together. Fuckers.