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Fire And Ice

Some random bullets

Yesterday, the Eagles, one of my favorite bands, opened the new Kodak Theatre with a concert that also featured the Dixie Chicks. One of the staff members that works there is a guy by the name of Micol Coppock. Now I used to be at odds with this guy, because he seems to ban me every now and then from some home athletic events we have at the Beach. After I got the big prize last year, though, I have held a truce with Big Mike, although I do think at the back of my head, “Good riddance,” when the people from the Kodak Theatre asked him to help them out.

At least I won’t have to worry about some bald bouncer nagging me around. You can keep him, Kodak Theatre. I can now abuse the opposition in peace thanks to him not being here.

Last Sunday, we had the Long Beach Marathon. Here’s the thing. I would have participated in the bike tour portion had I finished in second place. The second place prize is a bicycle. I finished in first by one game. If I had finished as the runner up, I would have nagged by mom to give me the money to register for the bike tour, so that I can be riding 26.2 miles on my newly purchased bike, advertising the Beach Pride program in the process.

I’ll stick to giving my mom a financial reprieve any day.

Jozy Altidore must be viewed as a villain in Los Angeles. His goal in the 16th minute ended the Galaxy’s playoff run faster than it started, with a 1-1 draw against Jozy’s New York Red Bulls. It’s just a matter of time before Yallop is finally shown the door…

And Josh Beckett isn’t going to let the Red Sox’s aspirations die just yet. He outpitched CC Sabathia, and now Cleveland leads Boston 3-2. The Colorado Rockies must love watching this, in between workouts in the Mile High City’s Coors Field.