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Giving new meaning to the epithet Rose Queen...or queen in general...

Dusty Gibbs is crowned as the 96th Rose Queen for the Rose Parade next Tuesday. That's your daughter Dusty and she will end up turning Pasadena into a complete laughingstock [sic] of its own tradition by being crowned Rose Queen.

Does this scream FIX!!!!1111!!1!111/"I don't think that's a woman." or what!?

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As Her First Official Act, Queen Dusty Joined Tournament of Roses
President CL Keedy to Kick Off the Art-Inspired Roses on Parade Program

Dusty Gibbs crowned as the Queen of the 2008 Tournament of Roses Royal Court by President CL Keedy

PASADENA, Calif. (October 25, 2007) – The Pasadena Tournament of Roses crowned the 90th Rose Queen, Dusty Gibbs, today in an official Coronation ceremony at the Tournament House presented by Citizens Business Bank. As her first official act, Queen Dusty helped Tournament of Roses President CL Keedy unveil Roses on Parade, a new initiative designed to provide art for the public and funds to support art in Pasadena-area schools.

“I can’t think of a better way for Dusty to begin her reign than by joining me on stage to usher in this exciting art program,” said CL Keedy. “Rose Parade floats are a unique American art form. Supporting art education for our children through Roses on Parade will help us foster their unique and creative talent and hopefully inspire the next generation of local artists.”

Queen Dusty and the six Rose Princesses were selected from more than 1,100 Pasadena-area young women based upon a combination of qualities, including public speaking ability, poise, academic achievement and community involvement. Dusty is only the fourth Rose Queen to wear the recently designed crown made by Mikimoto featuring 10 white South Sea pearls, 632 Akoya pearls and 6.09 carats in diamonds set in sterling silver. The handmade crown is valued at $100,000. Each of the six Princess tiaras are valued at $45,000, bringing the total value of the crown and tiaras to $370,000.

As an official ambassador of the Tournament of Roses, Queen Dusty, a 17-year-old Senior from Arcadia High School, will participate in approximately 100 community and media functions along with Rose Princesses Zena Brown, 18, Alverno High School; Chloe Ghoogassian, 17, Pasadena High School; Kelsey MacDougall, 17, La Cañada High School; Katie Merrill, 17, Pasadena High School; Courtney Rubin, 17, San Marino High School and Gaelen Stanford-Moore, 17, South Pasadena High School.

Roses on Parade

The Tournament of Roses launched Roses on Parade with the unveiling of the first rose in the collection by President CL Keedy and Queen Dusty. Sponsored by Citizens Business Bank and designed by local artist, Peter Adams, this rose will reside at Tournament House through New Year’s Day before moving to Citizens Business Bank in Pasadena.

“We are so pleased to be sponsoring the first rose in this important initiative,” said Chris Myers, President and CEO, Citizens Business Bank. “Supporting art programs for our children is so very important and we encourage others to join us and build another beautiful rose garden for Pasadena.”

The Tournament invited Southland sponsors to purchase the remaining 29 roses throughout 2008. Each sponsored rose will be 5’8”. Each rose will be painted by a different artist and displayed in a public area, creating a new rose garden throughout Pasadena. Sponsors will have the option of keeping their rose or submitting it to the cause to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. All of the roses will be brought together for one day to form a “new rose garden” at Tournament House next year during the Coronation ceremony. All proceeds will go through the Tournament of Roses Foundation.

“As a long-time resident of Pasadena and as current President of the California Art Club, I am honored to be the first artist to paint a rose for the Tournament of Roses Foundation and support our children,” said Peter Adams. “I chose to pay honor to Pasadena’s commitment to the arts and sciences, and have created vignette paintings on the rose and its vase to pay tribute to many of Pasadena’s famed landmarks, cultural institutions and important creative minds.”

In addition to the professionally painted roses, local students will be invited to promote their budding talent and paint smaller roses. The roses will be made available through the generosity of the John Hench Foundation and will also be auctioned off to support the arts. John Hench, a member of the Walt Disney Imagineering team and a member of the Disney creative team for 65 years, was passionate about art and animation and he wanted students of all ages to have an opportunity to learn these programs in the schools.

The 119th Rose Parade themed Passport to the World’s Celebrations will take place Tuesday, Jan. 1, 2008 at 8 a.m. (PST) featuring majestic floral floats, high-stepping equestrian units and spirited marching bands from throughout the nation. Following the Rose Parade, at 2:00 p.m. (PST), the 94th Rose Bowl Game presented by Citi will feature an exciting match up between two championship teams, showcasing the best of collegiate football. For additional information, please call (626) 449-ROSE, the 24-hour information hotline, or visit

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Who is the first name of the next Rose Queen going to be next? Jake? Spike? Papillon!!?

Ohhhh, my head is spinning at a jizzillion Dean screams per minute. Someone get me tape and bandage me up Abiru-style. I have been mentally scarred to start the new year. Thanks a lot for taking away my interest, you Tournament of Roses bastards. And congratulations [sic] to Gibbsy, I guess.

Even though I am convinced that you are a guy in a girl's outfit. You lucky motherfucker...