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ISML 2009: Sapphire phase off and running

ISML 2009: Sapphire phase off and running

June 2, 2009

The fourth phase of the 2009 International Saimoe League regular season, the Sapphire phase, saw Haruhi continue her unbeaten run while the usual suspects did their business.

Suzumiya had no problems running down Chii in Lagos Nigeria, pummeling her 1644-885. Defending necklace holder scored an easy 1517-789 victory over Mai Kawasumi in Madrid, Spain. And defending champion Fate Testarossa Harlaown overcame a challenge from Hanyuu Furude to prevail in Paris, france, 1317-1128.

Some of the competitors who look to be out of the running for the Top 16 scored some victories. Yuuhi Katagiri, the outsider from Akane Iro Ni Somaru Saka, stunned Shiori Misaka in a thrilling 1015-1009 victory in Jakarta. Touhou has proved to be a bust this year, and Misuzu Kamio rubbed salt into the gaping wounds with a decision over Reimu Hakurei-the only Touhou Project character with a winning record-1149-934 in Toronto, Canada. And in a glorified pillow fight, Shiki Ryogi got on the win column with a win over Kallen Kozuki (Stadtfeld) 1006-959 in Algiers, Algeria.

In other action...Kagami Hiiragi wiped out Kirino Chiba 1742-658 in Tokyo, Japan. suigintou continued from where she left off in her Amethyst victory with a 1549-1015 victory over Konjiki no Yami 1549-1015 in Mexico City, Mexico. Mumbai, India saw Yuki Nagato thump Maria 1556-998, Shana torched Fuuko Ibuki 1577-1138 in Sao Paulo Brazil, Rika Furude edged Saber in a thrilling 1314-1284 win in Shanghai, China, and Hinagiku Katsura outlasted Louise Francoise Le Blanc De La Valliere 1479-877 in New York City, USA.

In Los Angeles, USA, Mei Sunohara rolled past Anya Earlstreim 1392-876, Nagisa Furukawa easily defeate Aya Shameimaru 1620-662 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Seoul, Korea Republic saw Shinku slaughter Mikoto Misaka 1448-976, Tomoyo Sakagami roundhoused Sayuri Kurata 1632-732 in Karachi, Pakistan and Marisa Kirisame scored a surprising 1052-834 victory over Tamaki Kawazoe in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

It wasn't a Thrilla in Maila, but Mikuru Asahina got the job done with a victory over Sakura Kinomoto 1412-1154 to secure an SOS Brigade sweep. Cairo, Egypt saw Rena Ryuuguu defeat Nayuki Minase 1183-972, Horo chomped up Evangeline A.K. McDowell 1423-769 in Istanbul, Turkey, Ami Kawashima routed Vita 1306-936 in Moscow, Russia and Rin Tosaka easily crushed Patchouli Knowledge 1584-617 in London, United Kingdom.

Whipping girl Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga was clearly not welcome in this league. She got run over in Lima 1321-669 by Index L. Prohibitorum. Theran, Iran saw Nanoha Takamachi bust Minori Kushieda 1309-1076, Nagi Sanzen'in doubled-up Remilia Scarlet 1478-724 in Bangkok, Thailand, the Colombian capital of Bogota saw Hayate Yagami prevail over Alice Carroll 1133-832, and Illyasviel von Einzbern smashed Nagi in Santiago, Chile 1604-740.

Wrapping up the day's action, Suiseiseki creamed Makoto Sawatari 1677-743 in Milan, Italy, Sydney, Australia saw Taiga Aisaka roar past Tsukasa Hiiragi in a 1314-1301 thrille, C.C. dominated Ayu Tsukimiya 1399-990 in santo Domingo, Dominican republic and Katowice, Poland saw Kotomi Ichinose chalk up a 1569-749 victory over Amu Hinamori.