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ISML 2009: Hinagiku holds on to her lead in Diamond

August 29, 2009

Hinagiku Katsura is three wins away from getting the job done in winning the 2009 International Saimoe League Diamond necklace.

That is, if the others below her avoid overtaking her in the standings.

The kendo superstar from Hayate the Combat Butler defeated Rin Tosaka in a 1537-1463 thriller in Dhaka. Defending champion Fate Testarossa Harlaown defeated Nagisa Furukawa 1642-1450 in Manila.

Harlaown is one of six competitors chasing Katsura at the top of the standings. Another of those in the pack is overall league leader Shana, who torched Suiseiseki 1669-1541 in Mexico City.

SOS Brigade members Haruhi Suzumiya and Mikuru Asahina are also unbeaten. Asahina scored an easy 1963-1073 victory over Illyasviel von Einzbern in Toronto, while Suzumiya rolled past Rika Furude 1727-1471 in Bogota.

Shinku and Fuuko Ibuki also remain unbeaten. Shinku easily trounced Nayuki Minase 1824-922 in Tehran, while Ibuki had no problem disposing Chii 1851-961 in Santiago.

For the first time in a while, no series with more than one character earned a perfect day.

In other action...Mai Kawasumi defeated Reimu Hakurei 1515-1015 in Tokyo, Tamaki Kawazoe won the battle of Bamboo Blade participants 1050-828 in Mumbai, Remilia Scarlet defeated Nagi 1105-1063 in Sao Paulo, Kagami Hiiragi prevailed over younger sister Tsukasa 1536-1135 in New York, Konata Izumi defeated Rena Ryuuguu 1433-1243 in Shanghai and Konjiki no Yami burned Index L. Prohibitorum 1802-832 in Lagos.

Los Angeles saw Alice Carroll defeated Patchouli Knowledge 1044-853, Sayuri Kurata routed Anya Earlstreim 1556-1011 in Buenos Aires, Hanyuu Furude whipped past Misuzu Kamio 1633-1190 in Seoul, Suigintou rocked C.C. 1722-1359 in Karachi, Louise Francoise Le Blanc De La Valliere defeated Mei Sunohara 1532-1379 in Cairo and Kyou Fujibayashi had enough to get by Nanoha Takamachi 1498-1333 in Jakarta.

Taiga Aisaka roared past Mikoto Misaka 1797-884 in Paris, Ayu Tsukimiya rolled past Shiori Misaka 1412-781 in Istanbul, Minori Kushieda stomped Kallen Kozuki (Stadtfeld) 1664-904 in Moscow, Hayate Yagami won a 1100-1026 thriller over Evangeline McDowell in London, Horo chomped up Sakura Kinomoto 1843-1092 in Lima and Makoto Sawatari chopped down Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga 1320-793 in Bangkok.

Wrapping up action...Yuuhi Katagiri took down Aya Shameimaru 1226-754 in Kinshasa, Kotomi Ichinose sounded out Tomoyo Sakagami in an impressive 1467-1410 upset in Algiers, Nagi Sanzen'in scored an eyebrow-raising 1475-1448 decisionm over Yuki Nagato in Milan, Saber slashed past Ami Kawashima 1597-1370 in Madrid, Maria leveled Marisa Kirisame 1995-824 in Sydney, Vita scored an nailbiting 1094-1052 victory over Amu Hinamori in Santo Domingo and Shiki Ryogi defeated Akari Mizunashi 1126-894 in Katowice.