ISML 2011: Eu gets green light, wins Diamond

ISML 2011: Eu gets green light, wins Diamond
Madoka Kaname brings hope for Puella Magi with Anklet win

By JR Salazar (Bongaboi)
October 5, 2011

Eucliwood Hellscythe was given the biggest embrace of her life by Ayumu Aikawa after hearing the news that she won the 2011 International Saimoe League Diamond Necklace over Hinagiku Katsura.

Hellscythe earned 1584 votes to finish with a calculation of 11.522. Katsura finished with 1536 votes to finish with a calculation of 8.821, which was good enough for third behind Haruhi Suzumiya, whose 1177 votes placed her second with a calculation of 9.012.

Azusa Nakano, who was the only candidate in the necklace round to have gone unbeaten in the round robin, needed a win to salvage some pride for K-ON. However, Nakano only managed 1221 votes and a calculation of 7.749, which was better than Mio Akiyama, who earned 1036 votes and a calculation of 6.346.

Yuri Nakamura was sixth with 765 votes and a calculation of 5.565. Yui Hirasawa, who was already eliminated from the Tiara picture on Match Day 6, never factored into the round, earning a disappointing 517 votes and a dismal calculation of 3.167.

"It's not very often I get to speak in front of an audience through a mediator," Hellscythe said in a written statement that was read by Aikawa, who stood next to her, surrounded by Seraphim, Haruna and Yuki Yoshida. "But to finally earn something meaningful has been a long time coming.

"I would like to dedicated this victory to my fans, to Haruna and Seraphim, and to those voters who did not vote for me. I extend my wings and propel myself into the world, ready to quiet the doubters, and make a bigger impression on the global stage.

"I understand that winning the Tiara will not be a straightforward battle. It is a war forged on complexity and desire. It is a series of battles that determine who is the best in the world. Is it me? Some may say so. But I feel that I am just as worthy as the other 15 competitors who have earned the right to lay claim to one of the most lucrative honors ever to be bestowed.

"Tonight, I have proven that I am ready for this challenge."

Another person that could be ready for the challenge is Madoka Kaname. Snubbed with the other Puella Magi for a spot in this year's ISML, Kaname offered the possibility of a second look with a dominative performance in the Diamond Anklet match, crushing Chiaki Minami 2620-1028.

Azaka Kokuto was third with 990 votes, Feena Fam Earthlight was fourth with 900 votes, Caster was fifth with 878 votes, Ekaterina Kurae was sixth with 661 votes and Suruga Kanbaru held up the read with 627 votes.

"It is unfortunate that I, along with the ones I love, were not given a fair chance to prove ourselves against those currently competing for the Tiara," Kaname said at a rally in Mitakihara Junior High School, surrounded by Homura Akemi, Mami Tomoe, Sayaka Miki Kyouko Sakura and Kyubey.

"For me, I am confident that our efforts in Japan and Korea will compel voters around the world to give Homura-chan, Mami-san, Kyouko-san, Sayaka-chan and myself a second look. We believe that we have a case to make an impact next season, and we are ready to surprise all our doubters."

Akemi agreed in the only way she knew how to. "Homu! Homu!"

Five other matches were on tap on Diamond Match Day 8. In the first contest, Mai Kawasumi defeated Erza Scarlet 1680-1499. Kaori Kanzaki was third with 1444 votes. Shiki Ryogi was fourth with 1337 votes, Signum was fifth with 938 votes, Kagura Tsuchimiya was sixth with 462 votes and Kaoru Kamiya was last with 307 votes.

Youmu Konpaku of Touhou Project rolled past Sun Seto 2385-1662 in the second match. Saeko Busujima was third with 1346 votes. Tamaki Kawazoe was fourth with 705 votes, Ferris Eris was fifth with 659 votes, Clare was sixth with 427 votes and Sakura Shinguji was last with 348 votes.

Ikaros, a former ISML contestant, proved she still had the moxie as she destroyed Yin 3208-1593. Eve was third with 114 votes. The others never factored into this three-woman race: Aria was fourth with 506 votes, Mahoro Andou was fifth with 495 votes, Chise was sixth with 292 votes and Henrietta held up the rear with a laughable 283 votes.

A real heavyweight fight took place in the fourth exhibition, which saw Rei Ayanami whip past Chii 1732-1329. Ai Haibara was third with 991 votes, Kotori Shirakawa was fourth with 98 votes, Aruruu was fifth with 929 votes, Eri Sawachika was sixth with 906 votes and Ai Enma was dead last with 875 votes.

Finally, in the fifth exhibition, Sakura Kinomoto, a former ISML veteran, took no prisoner in defeating Evangeline McDowell 1644-1346. Misuzu Kamio was third with 1240 votes, Asuka Langley Soryu was fourth with 1220 votes, Lucy was fifth with 1049 votes, Hikari Yagami was sixth with 701 votes and Naru Narusegawa held up the rear with 534 votes.

With the 2011 International Saimoe League regular season history, the attention turns to the postseason. The battle for the Tiara will begin with Day 1 of the first round, scheduled for Sunday, October 30 at 1500 GMT.

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Top 16 after Diamond Necklace Phase
As of October 6, 2011

1. Kanade Tachibana (TOP)
2. Mikoto Misaka (AQ)
3. Yuki Nagato (AM)
4. Azusa Nakano
5. Shana (RUB)
6. Ruri Gokou (SAP)
7. Taiga Aisaka (EM)
8. Hinagiku Katsura
9. Mio Akiyama (C)
10. Haruhi Suzumiya
11. Eucliwood Hellscythe (DIA)
12. Yui
13. Yuri Nakamura
14. Hitagi Senjougahara
15. Charlotte Dunois
16. Nadeko Sengoku

AM = ISML Aquamarine Necklace Champion
TOP = ISML Topaz Necklace Champion
AM = ISML Amethyst Necklace Champion
SAP = ISML Saaphire Necklace Champion
EM = ISML Emerald Necklace Champion
RUB = ISML Ruby Necklace Champion
DIA = ISML Diamond Necklace Champion