Friday, February 17, 2012

ISML 2012: Angel Beats projected to return this season

ISML 2012: Angel Beats projected to return this season

By JR Salazar (Bongaboi)
February 17, 2012

Yui, Kanade Tachibana and Yuri Nakamura have one more match to deal with, but it is certain that they will be on their way to the 2012 International Saimoe League regular season.

In Nova 1, Tachibana earned 5464 votes to finish first. Shiori Shiomiya was second with 2254 votes and Asami Iwasawa was third with 2125 votes. In Nova 4, Yui won 4163 votes to end up first. Madoka Kaname may have to wait until Phase II to qualify, coming in second with 2682 votes. Kanade Suzutsuki was third with 2499 votes.

Nakamura finished first in Nova 5 with 3763 votes. Fear Kubrick was second with 2411 votes and Mami Tomoe ended up third with 2408 votes.

other notable faces from last year ran it up in the Nova. Ruri Gokou is on track for a return after amassing 4508 votes. Erio Towa was second with 2981 votes. Haqua du Lot Herminium was third with 2539 votes.

In Nova 3, Eucliwood Hellscythe cruised with 4067 votes to her name. Yozora Mikazuki was second with 2980 votes. Kyouko Sakura was third with 2799 votes.

In Nova 6, the face of Infinite Stratos, Charlotte Dunois, won 3424 votes to finish first. Meiko Honma was second with 2569 votes. Mizuki Himeji was third wit 2183 votes.

In Stella 7, Mio Akiyama moved one step closer to another go at the regular season with 4412 votes. Illyasviel von Einzbern was second with 3011 votes and Ritsu Tainaka was third with 2078 votes.

Haruhi Suzumiya flexed the guns in Stella 8 with 4213 votes. Tomoyo Sakagami was second with 2979 votes. Kyou Fujibayashi was third with 2693 votes. Hitagi Senjougahara was all business in Stella 9, recording 3755 votes. Nagisa Furukawa was second with 2884 votes. Konjiki no Yami was third with 2576 votes.

In Stella 10, Nadeko Sengoku earned 3813 votes to finish first. C.C. was second with 2954 votes and Nymph was third with 2628 votes. Saber outdueled Rin Tosaka in Stella 11 3995-3070, while Ikaros finished a distant third with 2758 votes.

In Stella 12, Last Order recorded 3510 votes to come out on top. Yui Hirasawa recorded 3476 votes, while Kotomi Ichinose came in third with 2362 votes.

Match Day 4 of the 2012 International Saimoe League Preliminaries is scheduled for Sunday, February 19, 2012. Vote for your favorite candidates at and join the ongoing debate.
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