Friday, February 24, 2012

ISML 2012: Preliminaries Phase I Concludes

ISML 2012: Preliminaries Phase I Concludes

By JR Salazar (Bongaboi)
February 24, 2012

There were no surprises on the final day of the first phase of the 2012 International Saimoe League preliminaries, as all of the favorites punched their respective tickets to the regular season proper.

Mikoto Misaka was expected to fly by everyone in Stella Group 1, and that she did, amassing 4449 votes. Yui Hirasawa was second with 3347 votes and Ikaros was third with 2625 votes. Yuki Nagato, the de facto face of the Haruhi Suzumiya franchise, secured her spot in the ISML with 4546 votes in Stella Group 2. Louise Francoise Le Blanc De La Valliere was second with 3179 votes and Kotomi Ichinose was third with 2341 votes.

Azusa Nakano was expected to clinch Stella Group 3, and she was the one that amassed the most votes of any group winner, winning 4819 votes.  Nagi Sanzenin was second with 2724 votes, while Ui Hirasawa recorded 2147 votes to finish third. Shana was expected to torch by her competition in Stella Group 4, and her 4742 votes confirmed the argument. Konota Izumi recorded 2777 votes to finish second, while Mikuru Asahina won 2542 votes to finish third.

Taiga Aisaka was going to to have it easy in Stella Group 5, and as expected, she won the group handily with 4701 votes. Shinobu Oshino was second with 3209 votes, while Index L. Prohibotorum was third with 2148 votes. Hinagiku Katsura, historically, has flown the flag for Hayate the Combat Butler, and she won 4110 votes to seal her place in the regular season. Kagami Hiiragi was second with 2978 votes, Mafuyu Shiina was third with 2534 votes.

The veterans were not restricted to the Stella Division. Due to the rules regarding window of eligibility, veterans designated to the Nova Division also earned their place. Victorique de Blois, the franchise character from GOSICK< won 3592 votes to finish first in Nova Group 7. Shirayuki Hotogi was second with 2564 votes, and Meiko Honma was third witrh 2468 votes.

Kirino Kousaka captured her place in the main draw with 3965 votes to win Nova Group 8. Subaru Konoe was third with 2565 votes, whiile Mizuki Himeji was third with 2381 votes. One of three true newcomers to the tournament is Kobato Hasegawa, Kodaka's sister from Haganai. With her 3814 votes, she won Nova Group 9 and a place in the main draw. Kurisu Makise was second with 3137 votes, while Minami SHimada was third with 2274 votes.

Mato Kuroi, the Black Rock Shooter herself, shot her way to a return to the ISML regular season, winning 3572 votes to win Nova Group 10. Aria Holmes Kanzaki was second with 3035 votes, while Misaki Ayuzawa was third with 2016 votes.

Sena Kashiwazaki is arguably the breadwinner for Haganai, alongside Kobato. She won 3775 votes to seal up Nova Group 11. Inori Yuzuriha was second with 3124 votes. Kanon Nakagawa was third with 2346 votes.

Finally, there will be at least one Puella Magi in the 2012 International Saimoe League. And who better to represent the hopes of the show of 2011 in Japan than Homura Akemi. Nova Group 12 proved to be the most even of contests, but her 3392 votes was enough to secure a spot in the draw. Irisviel von Einzbern was second with 2944 votes, while Shouko Kirishima was third with 2718 votes.

The Seeding Round will take place on February 26 and February 28. Preliminary action resumes on March 11, 2012 with Match Day 7, Day 1 of Phase II. Vote for your favorite candidates at and join the ongoing debate.

As of February 24, 2012, 8:38 p.m. PT

Shana 1-5
Azusa Nakano 4-5
Mikoto Misaka EVEN
Kanade Tachibana 2-1
Sena Kashiwazaki 5-1
Ruri Gokou 7-1
Hinagiku Katsura 8-1
Yuki Nagato 9-1
Mio Akiyama 10-1
Homura Akemi 11-1
Eucliwood Hellscythe 13-1
Taiga Aisaka 15-1
Yui 18-1
Hitagi Senjougahara 19-1
Charlotte Dunois 20-1
Haruhi Suzumiya 21-1
Kobato Hasegawa 22-1
Kirino Kousaka 23-1
Yuri Nakamura 25-1
Victorique de Blois 30-1
Nadeko Sengoku 35-1
Saber 40-1
Rin Tosaka 45-1
Mato Kuroi 50-1
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