Tuesday, February 28, 2012

ISML 2012: Seedings, seedings, seedings

ISML 2012: Seedings, seedings, seedings

By JR Salazar (Bongaboi)
February 28, 2012

Day 1 of the seeding round in the 2012 International Saimoe League Preliminaries saw the usual facess go out on top, with the lesser-known candidates scraping rhe bottom.

In Stella Group 0, where the Phase I qualifiers were seated, Shana reaffirmed her place as the favorite to win the Tiara by recording 2,019 votes. Defending champion Mikoto Misaka was second with 1,963 votes and Taiga Aisaka was third with 1,810 votes.

In Nova Group 1, Aria Holmes Kanzaki sealed her spot as a favorite to qualify in Phase II with 3,010 votes. Asami Iwasawa was second with 2,434 votes. Kiko Mine was third with 2,024 votes.

In Stella Group 2, Louise Francoise Le Blanc De La Valliere was first with 3,062 votes. Mikuru Asahina was second with 2,532 votes and Kuroko Shirai rounded out the top three with 2,404 votes.

Kurisu Makise was first in Nova Group 3, winning 3,087 votes. Haqua de Lot Herminium was second with 2,494 votes. Ayase Aragaki was third with 2,267 votes. In Stella Group 4, Shinobu Oshino was first with 3,090 votes. Ikaros was second with 2,630 votes and Index L. Prohibotorum was third with 2,244 votes.

Haganai is a series that is all the rage in the ISML circuit, and Yozora Mikazuki is hoping to join in on the party. She won 2,812 votes to take Nova 5. Kanade Suzutsuki was second with 2,178 votes and Haruna was third with 2,099 votes.

Tomoyo Sakagami, as usual, consigned Kyou Fujibayashi to defeat, 2,737-2,557 in Stella Group 6. Mafuyu Shiina was third with 2,129 votes. In Nova Group 7, Kyouko Sakura was first with 2,745 votes. Fear Kubrick was second with 2,600 votes flat and Misaki Ayuzawa was third with 2,275 votes.

And in Stella Group 8, C.C. was on top with 2,675 votes. Kagami Hiiragi was second with 2,555 votes and Hecate was third with 2,040 votes.

Day 2 of the seeding round is on Tuesday, February 28, 2012. Vote for your favorite candidate at InternationalSaimoe.com and join the ongoing debate.
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