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Sydney's Shane Mumford clear to meet Hawthorn

Shane Mumford
Sydney's Shane Mumford has no case to answer after a nervous wait after an incident in the preliminary final against Collingwood Picture: Phil Hillyard Source: The Daily Telegraph
SYDNEY breathed a huge sigh of relief today when ruckman Shane Mumford was cleared by the AFL match review panel.
The key big man was investigated after the Collingwood tall Chris Dawes complained to umpires about contact to his injured knee in the Swans preliminary final win at ANZ Stadium.
Mumford was investigated for misconduct but cleared by video evidence.
“Mumford and Dawes are in the goal square and Mumford jostles Dawes for position as the ball is to be kicked in for a shot at goal,” the panel found.
“There is clear video footage of the incident. After reviewing the footage, it was the view of the MRP (match review panel) that no reportable offence had required.”
Losing Mumford would have been a huge blow for the Swans as the ruckman is key to their centre strategies.
Adelaide Crows’ Jason Porplyzia was also investigated and cleared for making contact with Hawthorn’s David Hale.
“The ball is kicked into the Adelaide Crows’ forward line to the leading Porplyzia. Hale is moving to intercept the ball as it is kicked and reaches the contest first,” the panel found.
“As Hale prepares to mark, Porplyzia makes high contact and a free kick was initially paid against him. It was the view of the panel that Porplyzia had his eyes on the ball at all times and was making a legitimate attempt to spoil with an open hand. No further action was taken.”