Monday, February 18, 2013

ISML 2013: Another 12 are in!

ISML 2013: Another 12 are in!

By JR Salazar
February 18, 2013

Six contestants from the Stella Division and another six from the Nova Division were given the nod to take part in the 2013 International Saimoe League, still the world's most prestigious anime character competition, at the conclusion of Preliminaries Match Day 7.

In Nova Group 1, Kobato Hasegawa returns to the ISML after winning 5480 votes. Relegated to the second phase of Nova prelims are Inori Yuzuriha with 4274 votes, Shiori Shiomiya with 2970 votes and Neko with 2524 votes. Sena Kashiwazaki is joining Kobato after taking Nova Group 2 with 5004 votes. Relegated to the second phase afrer Karen Araragi with 3820 votes, Sanae Dekomori with 3389 votes and Elucia de Lute Ima with 3148 votes.

Suguha Kirigaya is in the tournament after winning Nova Group 3 with 4486 votes. Consigned to the second phase are Aria Holmes Kanzaki with 3857 votes, Momo Beila Deviluke with 3664 votes and Kyouko Sakura with 2954 votes. Shinka Nibutani will in the tournament as well, winning 4520 votes to take Nova Group 4. Heading to the second phase of Nova preliminaries after Noumi Kudryavka with 4122 votes, Nyarlathotep with 3477 votes and Rea Sanka with 3108 votes.

Eru Chitanda is going to be in the ISML after winning 4483 votes to win Nova Group 5. Relegated to the second phase of Nova Prelims are Rin Natsume with 4019 votes, Ririchiyo Shirakiin with 3892 votes and Anna Kushima with 2666 votes. Mashiro Shiina is also going to the tournament after winning 5433 votes to take Nova Group 6. Heading to the second phase of Nova preliminaries are Keiko Ayano with 4395 votes, Kumin Tsuyuri with 2773 votes and Mami Tomoe with 2669 votes.

In Stella Group 7, Kyou Fujibayashi returns to the show after winning 4919 votes. Eliminated are Nagi Sanzen'in with 4087 votes, Suiseiseki with 2615 votes and Amu Hinamori with 2427 votes. In Stella Group 8, Holo will fly the flag for Spice & Wolf with 4255 votes. Eliminated are Ikaros with 4145 votes, Mei Sunohara with 3307 votes and Chii with 2263 votes.

In Stella Group 9, Hitagi Senjougahara will rejoin Nadeko Sengoku in flying the flag for Bakemonogatari with 5004 votes. Eliminated are Kuroko Shirai with 4109 votes, Nanoha Takamachi with 2794 votes and Shiki Ryougi with 2371 votes. Ui Hirasawa will be back in the tournament as well, winning 4471 votes to take Stella Group 10. Eliminated are Sora Kasugano with 4298 votes, Fate Testarossa with 3345 votes and Kallen Kouzuki with 2300 votes.

In Stella Group 11, Nagisa Furukawa is going to be in this one after winning 4802 votes. On their way out are Minori Kushieda with 4253 votes, Shinku with 2460 votes and Rena Ryuuguu with 2437 votes. Ayase Aragaki is also on her way to the ISML after winning 4608 votes to win Stella Group 12. Eliminated are Mikuru Asahina with 4314 votes, Ryou Fujibayashi with 3617 votes and Suigintou with 1957 votes.

On this match day there were five seeding pools. In the first pool, Minami Shimada led the way with 3978 votes. Haruka Saigusa had 3838 votes, Asako Natsume had 3268 votes and Kuro Matsumi was last with 2490 votes. In the second pool, Wakana Sakai was first with 4422 votes. Lala Satalin Deviluke has 4283 votes, Toki Onjouji has 2408 and Ran Mouri was last with 1923 votes.

In the third pool, Yuki Nagato was tops with 4320 votes. Charlotte Dunois had 3804 votes, Illyasviel von Einzbern had 3460 votes and Rin Tosaka was last with 3407 votes. Haruhi Suzumiya led the fourth pool with 4211 votes. Hinagiku Katsura has 3847 votes, Victorique de Blois had 3727 votes and Louise Francoise Le Blanc De La Valliere had 3449 votes. Finally, Shana led the last seeding pool with 4288 votes. Yui Hirasawa had 3896 votes, Nadeko Sengoku had 3794 votes and Konjiki no Yami held up the rear with 3770 votes.

Match Day 8 of the 2013 International Saimoe League preliminaries is scheduled for February 19, 2013. Vote for your favorite candidates at and join the ongoing debate.
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