Wednesday, February 20, 2013

ISML 2013: Another 12 punch their tickets

ISML 2013: Another 12 punch their tickets

By JR Salazar
February 20, 2013

The first phase of preliminaries in the 2013 International Saimoe League concluded, and a mixture of veterans and new blood have been confirmed.

In Stella Group 1, C.C. led the way with 4728 votes and returns to anime's premier character competition. Eliminated are Index Librorun Prohibitorum with 4629 votes, Tsukasa Hiiragi with 3839 votes and Ayumu Nishizawa with 2385 votes. Also returning to the show is Tomoyo Sakagami, after winning 5250 votes to lead Stella Group 2. Eliminated are Ami Kawashima with 4234 votes, Sakura Kinomoto with 3403 votes and Anya Alstreim with 2300 votes.

Last Order is also back in the ISML after winning 4998 votes to take Stella Group 3. Eliminated are Tsumugi Kotobuki with 4754 votes, Kyon no Imouto with 3368 votes and Sakura of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle with 2430 votes. Nymph's also in, winning 4524 votes to take Stella Group 4. Out are Kagami Hiiragi with 4388 votes, Maria with 3076 votes and Rika Furude with 2968 votes.

Arguably the face of Lucky Star, Konata Izumi will have to go at it alone this year after winning 4782 votes to take Stella Group 5. Eliminated are Haruna with 4291 votes, Fuuko Ibuki with 4179 votes and Misuzu Kamio with 2049 votes. Masami Iwasawa joins the pack of Angel Beats! participants in the ISML, winning 4931 votes to take Stella Group 6. Out are Mafuyu Shiina with 3774 votes, Kotomi Ichinose with 3773 votes and Ayu Tsukimiya with 2213 votes.

Yozora Mikazuki will be in the ISML for Haganai after winning 4593 votes to take Nova Group 7. On their way to the second phase of Nova Prelims are Shinobu Oshino with 3883 votes, Mei Misaki with 3598 votes and Subaru Konoe with 3512 votes. Yui of Sword Art Online joins the other two Yuis in the tournament, winning 5410 votes to take Nova Group 8. Heading to the second phase of Nova prelims are Mikan Yuuki with 3921 votes, Meiko Honma with 3571 votes and Tsumiki Miniwa with 2898 votes.

Erio Touwa's back in the International Saimoe League after securing 4070 votes to lead Nova Group 9. Relegated to the second phase of Nova Preliminaries are Shouko Kirishima with 4019 votes, Homura Akemi with 3636 votes and Koneko Toujou with 3487 votes. Kuroyukihime will also be in the ISML, winning 5645 votes to take Nova Group 10 and fly the flag for Accel World. Off to the second phase of Nova Prelims are Kurisu Makise with 3833 votes, Ritsu Tainaka with 3437 votes and Yuiko Kurugaya with 2940 votes.

Rikka Takanashi joins Shinka Nibutani in flying the Chuunibyou flag with 5534 votes and a Nova Group 11 victory. Consigned to the second phase of Nova Preliminaries are Nanami Aoyama with 4565 votes, Tsukihi Araragi with 3260 votes and Madoka Kaname with 2772 votes. Asuna Yuuki is the face of Sword Art Online, and this franchise character easily punched her ticket to the ISML with 5904 votes to win Nova Group 12. Heading off to the second phase are Touka Takanashi with 4114 votes, Karuta Roromiya with 3464 votes and Kyouko Toshinou with 2495 votes.

There were seven seeding pools on Match Day 8 of the 2013 ISML Preliminaries. In the first pool, Yui Kotegawa was first with 4698 votes. Iori Nagase has 3809 votes, Mayuri Shiina has 3011 votes and Yuuko Kanoe was last with 2399 votes. Nobuna Oda won the second seeding pool with 3688 votes. Akari Akaza won 3525 votes, Sawa Okita won 3456 votes and Rias Gremory was last with 3266 votes. Riko Mine won the third seeding pool with 3939 votes. Mio Nishizono won 3766 votes, Yuno Gasai won 3719 votes and Morgiana was last with 2829 votes.

Himeko Inaba won the fourth seeding pool with 3739 votes. Tsubasa Hanekawa earned 3682 votes, Haqua du Lot Herminium won 3624 votes, and Komari Kamikita was last with 3430 votes. In the fifth seeding pool, Mio Akiyama was first with 5111 votes. Yuri Nakamura won 4558 votes, Saber earned 3788 votes and Mato Kuroi was last with 3160 votes.

Ruri Gokou won the sixth seeding pool with 4467 votes. Azusa Nakano won 4148 votes, Yui of Angel Beats! earned 4067 votes and at 4057 votes, Taiga Aisaka held the rear in the most divided seeding pool of the seven. Finally, the defending champion, Kanade Tachibana, won 5583 votes to win the last seeding pool and presumably be the top seed in the Stella Division. Runner-up Eucliwood Hellscythe was second with 4004 votes, Mikoto Misaka was third with 3789 votes and Kirino Kousaka was last with 3357 votes.

Match Day 9 of the 2013 International Saimoe League Preliminaries is scheduled for Sunday, March 3, 2013. Vote for your favorite candidates at and join the ongoing debate.
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