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ISML 2013: The preliminaries roll on

ISML 2013: The preliminaries roll on

By JR Salazar
March 8, 2013

In Match Day 11 of the 2013 International Saimoe League Preliminaries, the Nova Division continued Phase II of its selection process. Homura Akemi defeated Tsubasa Hanekawa 3009-2615 in Nova Group 1. Medaka Kurokami was third with 1128 votes.  Keiko Ayano defeated Yuiko Kurugaya 3286-1881. Yuno Gasai was third with 1880 votes. Sanae Dekomori also won her match, defeating Shiori Shiomiya 3146-2397. Erica Blandelli held up the rear with 1297 votes.

In Nova Group 2, Momo Beila Deviluke edged Fuuko Kurasaki 3079-2505, with Miho Nishizumi earning just 958 votes. Nanami Aoyama, the prohibitive favorite in this group, crushed Tsumiki Miniwa 3412-1756. Nobuna Oda was third with 1481 votes. Karuta Roromiya overpowered Mio Nishizono 3020-1933. Mayaka Ibara was last with 1679 votes.

Ririchiyo Shirakiin was dominant in her 3093-1923 victory over Kyouko Toshinou in Nova Group 3. Akiko Himenokouji was last with 1569 votes. Tsukihi Araragi throttled Lala Satalin Dviluke 3070-2253. Kuro Matsumi never stood any chance in this one, earning just 1181 votes. Inori Yuzuriha, arguably the face of an underrated show in Guilty Crown, blew pat Kumin Tsuyuri 3337-2140. Hanbee Takenaka was last with 1451 votes.

A longshot that might be in the same position that Ika-Musume was in last year is Nyarlathotep, who dismantled Riko Mine in Nova Group 4, 3555-2211. Ran Mouri was last with 861 votes. Touka Takanashi kept her hopes of joining sister Rikka alive in her 3151-2201 demolition of Koneko Toujou. Iori Nagase held up the rear with 1451 votes. Shinobu Oshino easily chewed up Kyouko Sakura 3019-2005, with Shizuku Mizutani coming in third with 1764 votes.

Shouko Kirishima is hoping to return to the regular season after defeating Irisviel von Einzbern 3190-2410. Toki Onjouji could only manage 1053 votes. Rin Natsumi prevailed over Elucia de Lute Ima 2846-2284. Sawa Okita put up a good fight, winning 1536 votes. Another veteran hoping to return to the regular season is Aria Holmes Kanzaki, who shot down Yui Kotagawa 2876-2190. Asako Natsume was last with 1665 votes.

Noumi Kudryavka defeated Anna Kushina in Nova Group 6, 2855-2216, with Tenri Ayukawa earning just 1556 votes. Meiko Honma is the favorite to win this group by the Bedlam, and her 3053-2019 victory of Mami Tomoe is solid evidence of her intentions to fly the flag for Anohana. Ritsu Tainaka is hoping to finally break her drought of not being in this tournament, as seen in her 2736-2221 win over Akari Akaza. Hakaze Kusaribe was last with 1662 votes.

Mikan Yuuki is also hoping to break her streak of not being in the regular season too. This could be her year, after defeating Komari Kamikita 3061-1776 in Nova Group 7. She is up against two faces that have been in this tournament before, though. One of them is Subaru Konoe, who defeated Haqua du Lot Herminium 2843-2220. Yuuko Kanoe was last with 1216 votes. The other: group favorite Kurisu Makise, who pounded Rea Sanka 3006-2189. Minami Shimada was last with 1636 votes.

Karen Araragi and Mei Misaki are expect to settle it out for the ticket from Nova Group 8. Araragi defeated Himeko Inaba 2802-2185, with Rias Gremory dead last with 1557 votes. Misaki defeated Haruka Saigusa 2878-2029. Madoka Kaname was not too far behind, winning 1956 votes. Neko has an outside shot but may need to win out on Match Day 12 after edging Wakana Sakai 2695-2215. Watashi was last with 1410 votes.

Match Day 12 of the 2013 International Saimoe League preliminaries is scheduled for March 10, 2013. Vote for your favorite candidates at and join the ongoing debate.
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