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ISML 2013: A successful Amethyst defense for Kuroneko

ISML 2013: A successful Amethyst defense for Kuroneko
Ruri Gokou defends Necklace, Aria Holmes Kanzaki wins Brooch

By JR Salazar
The Bedlam on Baltic Avenue
May 31, 2013

The month of May ended strong for Ruri Gokou, the Kuroneko and significant other of Kyousuke Kousaka. Gokou won 2141 votes to earn a calculation of 57.080 and defend her Amethyst Necklace at the end of Match Day 8 of the 2013 International Saimoe League Amethyst Period.

"Everything exists for a reason," said a victorious Gokou at a victory rally at the Tokyo Big Sight, surrounded by Ayase Aragaki, Kousaka and his little sister Kirino. "I knew that I had a very good chance to defend my necklace the same way [defending ISML Champion] Kanade [Tachibana] defended her Aquamarine. I don't think any of the remaining necklace holders will lose their necklaces this year because the voting power they have is too strong.

"On my end, I want to personally thank Kyousuke, Kirino and Ayase for their support during this campaign. Also, I would like to salute you, the voters, for continuing to believe in me and my message to the world. Without you, I would not have been able to defense something which I hold dear to my heart. I wish you all the best and look forward to your continuing support the rest of the season."

Shana won 1544 votes for a calculation of 43.894 and a second-place finish. Understandably, she was disappointed but accepting of the outcome.

"I don't think this is going to be my year in terms of winning anything, but I have a reputation as a fighter and a competitor that loves to battle with a chip on her shoulder," Shana said, surrounded by her husband, Yuuji Sakai, and good friend Kazumi Yoshida, in Osaka. "So I will not give up. I am confident that in the Ruby, the situation will be different."

Mashiro Shiina put up a good fight, with 1379 votes and a third-place finish, earning a calculation of 43.879. However, Shiina was disappointed with the results.

"It is very clear that the Stella Division earned a massive shot in the arm this year with the new entries that joined them," Shiina said at a press conference at Suimei University of the Arts, surrounded by husband Sorata Kanda and Nanami Aoyama. "So it is very likely that the Nova contestants, myself included, will be shut out this year. My campaign is going to analyze what went wrong and find ways to improve.

"I still think I have a chance against Mikoto Misaka, who is a former winner of the Tiara, but I am consigned to being a bit more realistic as to where I stand in the bigger picture."

Eucliwood Hellscythe won 1135 votes and finished in fourth place with a calculation of 39.140. The face of Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka, Hellscythe was optomistic that she would hang on to her own necklace.

"Kanade and Ruri hung on to theirs and I believe it's going to be the same with me," Hellscythe said, a rather bored Ayumu Aikawa sipping coffee next to her at a press conference in Tokyo. "I am not going to be too worried about how I perform in the Ruby, but I would like to at least be in that Necklace match next month."

Kuroyukihime, despite earned 890 votes, finished fifth in the running with a calculation of 37.723.

"One of my goals is to be in every necklace match," Kuroyukihime said, surrounded by Fuuko Kurasaki and Haruyuki Arita at a press conference at Umesato Middle School. "I don't expect to win a single one, but I would like to at least be in every contest and give the competitors a fight. I have a lot of respect for Mikoto and her reputation in this competition and I look forward to giving her a challenge should we both meet again in the Ruby Necklace Match."]

Mikoto Misaka, who is the defending Ruby Necklace holder, earned 1619 votes but finished sixth with a calculation of 36.719.

"I'm not sweating this too much," Misaka said at a press conference at Academy City's Tokiwadai Junior High School, surrounded by Sister Index Prohibitorum, Last Order, and Mikoto's significant other, Touma Kamijou. "I knew that even if I had won the Necklace Match, I was in a no-win situation. However, the fact that I had the second-most votes means that I have a lot of confidence in defending my own necklace in June."

Coming up in last place was Rikka Takanashi, who earned 1020 votes but had a score calculation of 34.198.

"I think I put up a good fight, but it's very clear which division is stronger this year," said Takanashi, surrounded by Yuta Togashi, Shinka Nibutani, Kumin Tsuyuri and Sanae Dekomori at a press conference outside Budokan in Tokyo. "I am a resilent fighter though, and I am confident that I will put up a stronger effort in the Ruby. I fear no one, and the people in my campaign are working tirelessly to help my cause, as well as Shinka's."

Aria Holmes Kanzaki won the Amethyst Brooch with 2192 votes. Holo was second with 1485 vores, Kyou Fujibayashi was third with 1480 votes, Fuuko Kurasaki was fourth with 1341 votes, Konata Izumi was fifth with 1247 votes, Shouko Kirishima was sixth with 1131 votes and Tsukihi Araragi was last with 964 votes.

"It's nice to know you can win something in this tournament, even if it's a minor prize," said Kanzaki, surrounded by Shirayuki Hotogi, Riko Mine and Aria's husband Kinji Toyama at a press conference Butei High School in Tokyo. "I now head into the rest of the season with nothing to lose and everything to gain."

A number of other exhibitions took place. Sadao Maou clobbered Armin Arlert 5475-2767 and Kurumi Tokisaki routed Azusa Azuki 5194-3820. In the first of two noncompetitive group exhibitions, Minami Shinata defeated Haruka Saigusa 1946-1743. Sawa Okita was third with 1609 votes, Sakura Matou was fourth with 1079 votes, Hanyuu Furude was fifth with 1059 votes, Teletha Testarossa was sixth with 961 votes and Mai Kawasumi was last with 910 votes. In the second noncompetitive group exhibition, Nobuna Oda defeated Akari Akaza 2024-1611. Mio Nishizono was third with 1377 votes, Wakana Sakai was fourth with 1244 votes, Kallen Kouzuki was fifth with 1145 votes, Suigintou was sixth with 1064 votes and Chiaki Minami was last with 877 votes.

Match Day 1 of the 2013 International Saimoe League Ruby Necklace Period is scheduled for June 9, 2013. Vote for your favorite candidates at and join the ongoing debate. Keep it right here on the Bedlam on Baltic Avenue for continuing coverage of the 2013 International Saimoe League.

TOP 16, Nova Division
1. Mashiro Shiina
2. Kuroyukihime
3. Rikka Takanashi
4. Kobato Hasegawa
5. Asuna Yuuki
6. Sena Kashiwazaki
7. Shinka Nibutani
8. Inori Yururiha
9. Nanami Aoyama
10. Eru Chitanda
11. Nyarlathotep
12. Yui
13. Kurisu Makise
14. Touka Takanashi
15. Yozora Mikazuki
16. Erio Touwa

TOP 16, Stella Division
1. Ruri Gokou (AM)
2. Kanade Tachibana (C) (AQ)
3. Eucliwood Hellscythe
4. Taiga Aisaka
5. Mikoto Misaka
6. Mio Akiyama
7. Azusa Nakano
8. Kirino Kousaka
9. Shana
10. Yuri Nakamura
11. Yui-nyan
12. Ayase Aragaki
13. Yuki Nagato
14. Yui Hirasawa
15. Saber
16. Haruhi Suzumiya

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