Wednesday, September 25, 2013

ISML 2013: Stella on showcase as League Finals roll on

ISML 2013: Stella on showcase as League Finals roll on

By JR Salazar
September 25, 2013

Match Day 6 of the 2013 International Saimoe League postseason concluded, and the Stella Division showed its class with three of its participants progressing to the quarterfinals.

Mikoto Misaka won every region except for Africa and Korea to defeat Nanami Aoyama, 5402-4357. Big victories in Canada, the USA, Japan, Korea, China, the Middle East, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand gave Ayase Aragaki a 5614-4643 decision over Rikka Takanashi. And defending ISML champion Kanade Tachibana wasn't going to give up her crown that easily, sweeping every region en route to an easy 6013-3693 rout of Inori Yuzuriha.

The one exception to all that was Kuroyukihime. Despite being eliminated by Fate Testarossa in 2channel, she was on her way in her match with Taiga Aisaka, rolling to a 5854-4423 victory. Hime won every region except Eastern Europe, Latin America, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand.

Six other group exhibitions took place. Rita Ainsworth, on the Sakurasou ticket, rolled past Mao Amatsuka 4362-2974. Chihaya Ayase was third with 1594 votes. Yukino Yukinoshita hammered Iwai Mushanokouji 5533-2057, with Tsukumo earning just 1230 votes. Yukino's older sister Haruno was equally dominant in her 4979-2095 annihilation of Kozue Takanashi. Kaoru Hasebe was third with 1339 votes.

Wrapping up action in Match Day 6, Maou rolled past Sasami Tsukuyomi in her group, 4872-2231. Ruki was third with 1057 votes. Mizuho Kazami took down Haruko Haruhara in a matchup of old school legends, 3239-1718. Nono was third with 1390 votes. Finally, it was no contest for Kurumi Tokisaki, who leveled her competitors with 7214 votes. Hikage Miyakawa was second with 1152 votes and Yui Ichii had 1148 votes.

Match Day 7 of the 2013 International Saimoe League postseason is scheduled for September 26, 2013. Vote for your favorite candidates at and join the ongoing debate.
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