Monday, November 25, 2013

Poor Miss Sawako (On A Summer Mornng)

Poor Miss Sawako looked out,
On a summer morning,
Where the track team ran about
And Ricchan was snoring,
Raging was the sun that day,
And the heat was cruel,
When Tsumugi came in sight,
Bringing candy-coated fuel.

"Ricchan, wake up from your sleep,
If thou knows't it telling,
What sweet package, rich and deep,
Is Mugi-chan bringing?"
"I believe it's cake and tea
For the other members."
"I think we should go upstairs
Or I'll lose my te-emper."

"You seem hungry as a horse.
Did you eat some breakfast?"
"Yes I am, with no remorse.
Couldn't eat, it was past."
Upstairs to the room they went,
Where the place was rocking.
Heaven's notes from heaven sent,
And t'was time for sna-a-cking.

Teacher knocking on the door
Came in uninvited,
Asking, "Cake, is there some more?"
Crumbs she only sighted.
Falling to her knees in tears,
"Ricchan, you betrayed me."
Yui asked, "Is there something wrong?"
"I am friggin' hu-un-gry!"

Mugi brought some extra snacks
To her jubilation.
"Thank the Lord for Pocky packs!
What a sweet sensation!"
Therefore, K-ON! fans, be sure,
In the cause of learning,
Ye who choose to love some more,
Shall find love returning.

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