Monday, November 25, 2013

What club is this?

What club is this whose light sweet tunes
Inside the room is playing
With tea and snacks and Pocky packs
While Ton-chan's watch is keeping?
This, this is the Keion-bu,
To HTT we will be true.
Hear, hear their rock and roll
Under the blossoms of cherries!

Why do they sound just like a gem
If they take time for relaxing?
Detractors, fear; the fire's still here.
The work's a little too taxing.
They'll be back in a bit or two.
And then they'll play for me and you.
It's natural to have a pause
Under the blossoms of cherries!

To Yui, Mio, and Azusa,
Tsumugi, Ritsu together.
The greatest band in all Japan!
The best, no matter the weather!
Sing, sing their songs on high!
Sakuragaoka's lullaby,
Hail Hokago Tea Time
Under the blossoms of cherries!

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