Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel...

This is the 2700th post on the Bedlam. So then, today is the premier of that movie, the Rebellion Story, where Homura Akemi changes the rules, emancipates Madoka and sends everyone back home with nothing of value lost. We can only hope that the 2013 Saimoe Champion does not have any ill feelings towards Homura because she had her reasons and now Madoka can go out there and become the best Japanese citizen she could be. Her country needs her, of course.

She, however, is still a goddess, and, well, even darlings like Madoka deserve their wings for all they've been though and for all we know. (Apologies to Parov Stelar.) So after some disappointment of not getting that blased Ultimate Madoka set in Pangya, I had to go on a mission and give Madoka (a.k.a. Hana in a Madoka skin) a different pair of wings, namely, the Angel Wings. They only improve Accuracy by one notch, but they look pretty good and it's 200,000 pang.

Getting the 200K was not easy. An angel always earns her wings, and I had to do a lot to get this. I started out with 6,000 pang and after I heard of the Black Friday promotion for PMMM, the good thing was that I had the cash on hand from my last paycheck that was not used. So, I used the 105 dolllars and some money from my sister for a project I did for her to buy three sets of character skins: Madoka (Hana), Homura (Lucia) and Mami (Arin). I had to buy some dyes as well. I ended up getting the Madoka Magica Club Set, but I didn't really need it. However, I ended up with a glut of comets and a bigger glut of Keys of Fortune.

At this point, I hit the 100,000 Pang mark. I was halfway there. So I had to divide the workload. Madoka did the pang harvesting on Wiz City Hoel 6 and Homura disposed of the Keys of Fortune by grabbing Spinning Cubes from Pink Wind Hole 6. Those are my two holes that I like to hit up. I only go to Pink Wind Hole 6 if I have a lot of Keys to get rid of. I also bought some key chains, too. As a a result of all those spinning cubes, I moved up to Amateur B level.

Here's the thing: I had started playing Pangya on Canada Day of this year. Before the Black Friday promotion, I had spent several weeks not playing the game. This promotion gave me a great opportunity to get back to playing. This was the first major purchase for me since the Gacha swimwear heist in September.

As I was saying, I had exhausted my keys, but I was only at 182,000 pang. It was all up to Madoka. She had to do it. She had to get it done. So, using the juiced-up Papel Training Clubs and a barrage of Water Comets combined with Fairy Tears (I had bought a ocean of them from Tiki after trading some stuff that I didn't even use), I spent 10 rounds playing Wiz City Hole 6 on Hole Repeat.

I thought I had done it, but wait. I had only reached 198,000 pang! Oh jeez! So I played one more round of Wiz City Hole 6 and Madoka got a couple of hole-in-ones to go with a glut of Pang coins. One pang coin equals 10 pang. I needed those things. That hole, to me, is my favorite because my pang harvesting operatives depend of it. I kid you not.

After breezing through that round in which Madoka hit a -20, I finally made the purchase. Madoka Kaname, at 4:50 a.m. PT/7:50 a.m. ET, finally got her wings. And now, she truly has the look of a winner. Well-earned and well-played. Now I am left with just 935 pang and zero cookie points. This took a lot out of me, but I finally got it done.

Cue Tavares.

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