Friday, March 01, 2013

2013 Papal Odds. Dis gon b gud.

As Cardinals gather at the Vatican to elect the next pope, British bookmaker William Hill has posted odds on whom the successor to Benedict XVI will be.
William Hill has a major presence in Nevada, but papal odds are not offered in the state.
Ghanaian cardinal Peter Turkson is listed as the 11-to-4 favorite to replace Benedict, and the next pope being from an African country is offered at 13-to-8, the second choice in that betting pool behind odds-on favorite Italy at 4-to-5. The U.S. is 25-to-1.
“The jostling will now start in earnest and with so many Italian Cardinals you have to think there is a great chance that we will see an Italian Pope later this month,” William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams said in a statement.
Here’s a list of William Hill’s odds on who’ll become the 266th pope of the Catholic Church.
Nationality of next pope:
Italy 4/5
Any African Country 13/8
Central or South America 7/2
Canada 8/1
Spain 25/1
USA 25/1
France 33/1
Who will replace Pope Benedict XVI
Peter Turkson 5/2
Angelo Scola 11/4
Tarciso Bertone 4/1
Angelo Bagnasco 5/1
Marc Ouellet 6/1
Peter Erdo 9/1
Christoph Schonborn 14/1
Gianfranco Ravas 14/1
Leanardo Sandri 14/1
Bar (the likely lowest odds of unmentioned candidates) 20/1
Total ballots
One 16/1
Two 8/1
Three 5/1
Four 5/2
Five 7/2
Six 11/2
Seven 13/2
Eight or more 5/2
Papal futures
Female Pope to be elected by 2100 500/1
British Pope to be elected by 2100 500/1

Livin' La Vida Loca...

March is here...

March is finally here. A few weeks removed from the MLP hype, the speculation continues regarding the future of the land of the ponies and whether or not Twilight Sparkle will be able to get the job done as the fourth princess of the lands. Cadance gets the north, Celestia gets the east, Luna gets the west, and Twilight gets the south. Home to the best Amareican hoofball in the land. Meanwhile, the debut of the new Sailor Moon series is a few months away and I am personally awaiting any new art or design. Are they going to stay faithful to the 90's version, or are they going to update everything and make it something that will be a hit with the modern-day fans in Japan and elsewhere? I always like to find a compromise to all of this because it's a challenge to have to reboot a franchise as accomplished as Sailor Moon. This was the show that made me an anime fan back in August 1995. So if they're going to do this, updating it is fine, but it must be faithful to how it was meant to be done. 52 weeks? No problem. Just make sure to make it a hit instead of a flop.

I'm not going to keep my hopes too high, though.