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ISML 2013: Nova preliminaries continue

ISML 2013: Nova preliminaries continue

By Jo-Ryan Salazar
March 4, 2013

While the Stella Division of the International Saimoe League has already been determined, the new faces in the Nova Division have not, and Match Day 9 of the Preliminaries kicked off Phase II of the Nova prelims. Eight more candidates will be punching their ticket to the regular season by the end of this phase.

In Nova Group 1, Sanae Dekomori won her round with 3540 votes, beating out Yuiko Kurugaya's 3259 votes and Medaka Kurokami's 1275 votes. Keiko Ayano, the favorite out of this group, won her round with 4243 votes, taking out Tsubasa Hanekawa, who earned 2592 votes; and Erica Blandelli, who earned just 1229 votes. Homura Akemi, whose Nova eligibility ends this year, edged Shiori Shiomiya 2948-2859, with Yuno Gasai last with 2250 votes.

Karuta Roromiya defeated Tsumiki Miniwa in Nova Group 2 3520-2457, with Miho Nishizumi last with 1426 votes. Momo Beila Deviluke prevailed over Nobuna Oda 3163-2235, while Mio Nishizono was last with 2229 votes. Nanami Aoyama is the favorite to prevail from Nova 2, and she destroyed Fuuko Kurasaki 3967-2432, while Mayaka Ibara languished with just 1498 votes.

Two candidates are expected to contest for a spot in Nova Group 3: Inori Yuzuriha and Ririchiyo Shirakiin. Yuzuriha trounced Lala Satalin Deviluke 3936-2058. Akiki Himenokouji was third with 1778 votes. Shirakiin slayed Kumin Tsuyuri 3910-2888. Kuro Matsumi was third in that round with 1119 votes. A character with an outside shot at making it in is Tsukihi Araragi, who defeated Hanbee Takenaka 3038-2317. Kyouko Toshinou was not far behind with her 2314 votes.

Nyarlathotep is hoping to surprise a lot of people in Nova Group 4 and she took the first step by blowing past Kyouko Sakura 3635-2282. Iori Nagade was last with 1909 votes. Touka Takanashi did her part to make an argument, beating Riko Mine 3562-2610. Shizuku Mizutani was last with 1875 votes. However, the group favorite here is Shinobu Oshino. A veteran of the ISML who lucked out here due to the rules, she tore apart Koneko Toujou 4069-2914. Ran Mouri never had a chance, earning just 861 votes.

Shouko Kirishima defeated Yui Kotegawa 2919-2657 in Nova Group 5, with Sawa Okita earning just 2068 votes. Rin Natsume, the favorite from Little Busters!, slammed past Irisviel von Einzbern 3772-2506 while Asako Natsumi just earned 1671 votes. However, this Rin (who should not be confused with the more established Rin from Fate/Stay Night) will need to deal with the likes of Aria Holmes Kanzaki, who defeated Elucia De Lute Ima 3436-1163. The backlash from Saki is very strong here in the ISML and Toki Onjouji's 1163 votes tell the story.

Another character from Little Busters! that could fly the flag for the team is Noumi Kudryavka. In Nova Group 6, she smothered Akari Akaza 3947-1948, while Mayuri Shiina languished with just 1839 votes. Meiko Honma is Noumi's primary challenger here. She defeated Anna Kushina 3402-2951, while Hakaze Kusaribe managed just 1299 votes. Ritsu Tainaka, who is a longshot to qualify for the regular season this year, edged Tenri Ayukawa 2934-2782. Mami Tomoe was last with 2157 votes.

Subaru Konoe has been at this tournament before, and she showed her veteran experience, routing Komari Kamikita 3224-2356 in Nova Group 7. Minami Shimada was left in the dust with only 1982 votes. Kurisu Makise has also been here, too. She took down Haqua du Lot Herminium, 3443-2364, with Morgiana lagging at 1787 votes. However, they are going to have to catch Mikan Yuuki, who, year after year, has been reamed by the voters in favor of Konjiki no Yami. After her 3727-2779 blowout victory over Rea Sanka, the tide may turning in her favor for once. By the way, Yuuko Kanoe was last with 1075 votes.

In a battle between two Saimoe virgins in Nova Group 8, Karen Araragi easily outran Madoka Kaname 3725-2424. Watashi was last with 1576 votes. Mei Misaki demolished Rias Gremory 3388-2221, with Wakana Saki last at 2123 votes. And Neko, the wild card from K, struck out Himeko Inaba 2880-2742. Meanwhile, Haruka Saigusa was caught looking with just 2093 votes.

Match Day 10 of the 2013 International Saimoe League is scheduled for March 5, 2013. Vote for your favorite candidates at and join the ongoing debate.

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