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ISML 2013: Ruri Gokou wins the Tiara

ISML 2013: Ruri Gokou wins the Tiara
Kuro Usagi, Kurumi Tokisaki win Diadems

By Jo-Ryan Salazar
The Bedlam on Baltic Avenue
October 7, 2013

In a turnout that surprisingly failed to the meet the Bedlam on Baltic Avenue's expectations, high as it was, Ruri Gokou is your new International Saimoe League champion after dethroning Kanade Tachibana, 8343-7234. Tenshi had big victories in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand but Kuroneko won the rest, and had big victories in Russia, the USA, Japan, Korea and Africa.

"What a day," said Gokou at a lunchtime victory rally at Tokyo Big Sight. "This victory is dedicated to all of you, to everyone that suffered through thick and thin and believed in us, all of us. I have so many people to thank: the love of my life, Kyousuke Kousaka, for believing in me; his sister Kirino for being by my side; Ayase Aragaki for being a true warrior; Saori Makishima, Kanako Kurusu, Manami Tamura and Sena Akagi for being key parts of our campaign team; and to you, the voters, for supporting me all year.

"I love you. I adore all of you. This Tiara is dedicated to you. I will never forget this day for as long as I live."

"I think my reign as champion was a good one, a strong one," said Tachibana as her rally at Budokan. "I fought to the end, and I did the best I could. In the end, the world wanted a new face to take the crown and they got it. So I congratulate Ruri Gokou on being the next International Saimoe League Champion."

Eucliwood Hellscythe was third after defeating Mikoto Misaka 7849-7547. Misaka was strong in Russia, Easter Europe, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Latin America, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand but Eu won the rest, with big victories in Korea and Japan.

"I finish my campaign with a smile on my face," said Eu's interpreter, Ayumu Aikawa, at the press conference in Tokyo. "Congratulations to everyone that won on this day. We look forward to next season."

Mashiro Shiina earned big victories in Latin America, Southeast Asia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East to prevail, 7932-7293. Ayase was strong in the United States, Japan and Korea but it was not enough. With the victory, Shiina placed fifth.

"I may not have won your vote today, Japan," said Shiina at a rally at Suimei Academy of the Arts in Tokyo, "but I finish my first season with a win and a smile on my face. I hope to earn your trust next year."

Asuna Yuuki was seventh after defeating Azusa Nakano in the closest match of the night, a 7421-7376 thriller. Despite winning only Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, Yuuki won enough votes in the other regions to prevail.

"I'm surprised I won today despite dropping so many regions," Yuuki said at her rally in Tokyo. "I don't think America and Europe are ready to give up on K-ON! yet. Oh well. Next year, I do expect to fare better."

Rikka Takanashi was ninth after defeating Kuroyukihime 7821-6962. This was a more comprehensive victory, with Takanashi winning every region except for the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

"My focus right now is on the 2channel Anime Saimoe Tournament because I want to perform well there," Takanashi said at her press conference in Tokyo. "I want to sink the Madoka Magica voters with my power. So while this victory is nice, it's not what I am concerned about at this moment."

Taiga Aisaka finishes 11th after edging Kobato Hasegawa 7648-7447. The Palmtop Tiger had big victories in Canada, Latin America, Eastern Europe, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philipines, Australia and New Zealand to pull through.

"The voters haven't given up on me yet," Taiga said at her victory rally in Tokyo. "I wanted to end my season on a winning note and I did. Congratulations to Ruri, Eucliwood, all the big winners and all the voters for another wonderful ISML campaign. I thank you all."

Final Standings
1 Gokō Ruri (Kuroneko)
2 Tachibana Kanade
3 Eucliwood Hellscythe
4 Misaka Mikoto
5 Shiina Mashiro
6 Aragaki Ayase
7 Yūki Asuna
8 Nakano Azusa
9 Takanashi Rikka
10 Kuroyukihime
11 Aisaka Taiga
12 Hasegawa Kobato
13 Aoyama Nanami
14 Kōsaka Kirino
15 Yuzuriha Inori
16 Kashiwazaki Sena

Mondaiji is one of two shows that voters will need to keep an eye out for at next year's International Saimoe League. The Black Rabbit, also known as Kuro Usagi, was dominant in her 8019-4502 whipping of Leticia Draculair, winning every region handily to take the Winter Diadem.

"Everybody is talking about Oreimo this, K-ON! that, Saki this, Madoka that, and no one is paying attention to us and what we offer," said Kuro, Leticia by her side, sucking on a lollipop. "That is wrong on a lot of counts. We offer something to. I think people have to consider us in the mix. With this win, I am confident that will be in the Nova Division next year. So be on the lookout for me; Kuro Usagi is coming!"

Another show to watch out for is Date A Live. In a battle of the two most popular characters in the series, Kurumi Tokisaki defeated Kotori Itsuka 7483-6124 to win the Spring Diadem.

"I really felt we were sold short at 2channel this year by Saki and Madoka, two franchises that I do not expect to break through next year," Tokisaki said at her rally. "So me, Kotori, Tohka and Yoshino are confident that we are going to make more than a splash at next year's ISML. Next season, I expect the old guard to be rocked by the new blood. We're on the way up."

And with that, the 2013 International Saimoe League concludes. Stay tuned in January for coverage of the 2014 International Saimoe League on the Bedlam on Baltic Avenue, your home for coverage of the ISML, still the world's premier anime character competition!

2channel Anime Saimoe 2013: Third Round Odds, Day 4

10/08: Round 3, Groups C & D - Day 2

Kyouko Sakura @ Puella Magi Madoka Magica: <<佐倉杏子@劇場版 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ[前編]始まりの物語/[後編]永遠の物語>> EVEN
Rikka Takanashi @ Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai!: <<小鳥遊六花@中二病でも恋がしたい!>> 15-1
Prediction: Kyouko Sakura by >=70
Over/Under: 800

Saki Miyanaga @ Saki: <<宮永咲@咲-Saki- 阿知賀編 episode of side-A>> EVEN
Ryuuka Shimizudani @ Saki: <<清水谷竜華@咲-Saki- 阿知賀編 episode of side-A>> 15-1
Prediction: Saki Miyanaga by >=70
Over/Under: 800

2channel Anime Saimoe 2013: Third Round Results, Day 3

1位 591票 Azuki Azusa @ Henneko
2位 380票 Nibutani Shinka @ Chu2Koi

1位 627票 Minato Tomoka @ Ro-Kyu-Bu!
2位 343票 Sagimori Arata @ Saki