Friday, January 17, 2014

I didn't know these caddies were available. Honest.

My good friend from the Philippines, Aries, was asking me about buying a variant of the A.H.M.I.E. caddie that was pink with glasses. I had no idea what she was telling me. I went to the caddies section of the Pangya Shop, and all I could see was blank spaces. But when I clicked on an arrow, I found out that I had ventured into a part of the shop I had never seen. I found out that caddies like Lolo, Quma and Tiki were available, and I snapped them all, as well as bought the temporary A.H.M.I.E. caddie for my friend.

I was disappointed to know that Pippin was a pang caddie, meaning I had to pay her a salary. Lolo, Quma and Tiki were not pang caddies, and I could keep them permanently. Mingti also was not a pang caddie, but I didn't need to purchase her. I just can't believe that for $150, I am catching up on the stuff that is celebrated in the PangYa universe. I just hope I have cash left over.

1/130. That's the rate I had for scratchy cards to get Hana's wedding dress set. It looks pretty good, but I do question whether or not it's really needed. Oh well. I guess I can't argue that the upskirt is worth a snap.

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