ISML 2014: And the field whittles down again

ISML 2014: And the field whittles down again

By JR Salazar
February 12, 2014

Match Day 5 of the 2014 International Saimoe League concluded and six more contestants are calling it quits in the Stella Division. Here's a round-up.


Sena Kashiwazaki took Stella Group 1, winning 5869 votes, to punch her ticket. Charlotte Dunois won 5244 votes, while Ruiko Saten earned 3888 votes. Fuuko Ibuki was routh with 2499 votes and Suiseiseki was last 1973 votes. Konjiki no Yami won 5483 votes to finish first in Stella Group 2. Illyasviel von Einzbern was second with 4941 votes, Kuroko Shirai was third with 4346 votes, Minori Kushieda was fourth with 2422 votes and Shinku was eiliminated with 2306 votes.

Kurisu Makise won Stella Group 3 with 4944 votes to qualify, beating out Mato Kuroi (4561 votes) and Ui Hirasawa (3939 votes). Sakura Kinomoto was fourth with 3076 votes and Suigintou was last with 2081 votes and is eliminated. Meiko Honma won Stella Group 4 to move on to the regular season, earning 5161 votes to beat out Last Order (4879 votes) and Shouko Kirishima (4567 votes). Ushio Okazaki was fourth with 2666 votes and Mafuyu Shiina was last with 2288 votes.

Kirino Kousaka won 4938 votes to take Stella Group 5 to qualify. Hinagiku Katsura was second with 4343 votes and Rin to Saka was third with 3553 votes. Nagisa Furukawa had 3535 votes to finish fourth and Shiki Ryougi was last with 2190 votes. In Stella Group 6, Yui Hirasawa won 5064 votes to finish first and qualify. Hitagi Senjougahara was second with 4458 votes and Holo was third with 3573 votes. Subaru Konoe remained alive with 3415 votes and Ami Kawashima was last with 2342 votes.


The era of dominance continued for Yoshino of Date A Live as she won 5993 votes to take Nova Group 7. Touka Takanashi was second with 4361 votes and Akatsuki was third with 3069 votes. Kyouko Sakura was fourth with 2952 votes and Asuka Kudou was fifth with 2689 votes. Yaya Machine kept her Nova Group 8 hotstreak going, winning 4964 votes to finish first. Suguha Kirigaya edged out Haqua du Lot Herminium 3835-3834 to finish second.  Noire was fourth with 2886 votes and Myucel Foaran was fifth with 2697 votes.

Yui of Sword Art Online took Nova Group 9 with 4463 votes, beating out Charlotte Belew (4152 votes) and Mitsuki Nase (3798 votes). Mei Misaki was fourth with 3679 votes and Tomoko Kuroki was fifth with 2555 votes. Mirai Kuriyama kept the ball rolling in Nova Group 10, winning 4672 votes to finish first. Nyarlathotep was second with 4085 votes, Rin Natsume was third with 3392 votes, Manaka Mukaido was fourth with 3222 votes and Nepgear was fifth with 3138 votes.

Kotori Itsuka bossed Nova Group 11 again, taking 5891 votes. Azusa Azuki was second with 3982 votes, Renge Miyauchi was third with 3362 votes, Yuki Himeragi was fourth with 3073 votes and Frenda Seivelun was fifth with 2698 votes. Kurumi Tokisaki won 5928 votes to win Nova Group 12, beating out Eru Chitanda (4889 votes) and Madoka Kaname (3136 votes). Leticia Draculair was fourth with 3004 votes and Suzuka Dairenji was fifth with 2373 votes.

Match Day 6 of the 2014 International Saimoe League is scheduled for February 13, 2014. Vote for your favorite candidates at and join the ongoing debate.