New Clubs, New Outfits, and Sochi

So long, Jasmine Club Set, I hardly knew ye. I don't know what to make of this Sweet Love Club Set. Here you have a club set that has excellent control but poor accuracy and average spin and curve. Same as the Sleipnir Club Set. As a matter of fact, I don't care too much about the spin and curve of the clubs as I care about the control and accuracy. Good control and accuracy make for an excellent club. I consider, among the 11 club sets I have, my Miracle Voice Club Set to be the gold standard in terms of control and accuracy.

But here's the thing: this Sweet Love Club Set is supposedly made of chocolate. Normally, milk chocolate, when used as a golf club, will melt under heat and it will break when it tries to hit a golf ball. This leads me to the supposed accusation that this isn't really chocolate, but some sort of graphite carbon compound designed to look like chocolate candy. That would make a whole lot more sense.

It's nice for showing off, but as a competition club, it's not the sharpest tool in the shed. Now, on the other hand, the Microphone Club Set is a bit more decent. It's still not as strong as the Miracle Voice Clubs in terms of accuracy, but it's much better than the Sweet Love Clubs or Sleipnir Clubs in terms of that stat. I used it for cube fishing with Lucia in her Feline Set. Since I got Lucia's Furry Friends set, I now use her for my primary cube fishing on Abbot Mine Hole 15 since the room for error is huge.

As a matter of fact, Lucia and the Microphone Clubs go hand in hand because Lucia is the idol of the team. And I like the nice harp touch that comes from hitting a comet with the wood or iron or wedge, and the nice musical notes that come from it. So in the end, it was a good purchase, but now, I will consider making a move to buy the blades or that Batter Up! set that the Titan tribe designed. It's settled. I will make a move for the latter and extend my club collection further with that baseball set. Stay tuned.

I bought some new shirts for a few characters. I got the Heart Tee and Her Tee for Hana, Lucia and Arin, and I got the Star Tee and His Tee for Nuri. And I finally got that Piano Set for Hana. Tried my luck at the Gacha, but after seeing that I only got the Corrupt Demonic Wings for Azer, I will most likely pass on trying again.

I think the Her Tee looks nice on Lucia when combined with her Feline Set and her hair color being black. On the flip side, the Heart Tee definitely looks good on Hana when she looks like Madoka and she is wearing a swimsuit. As for the His Tee and Star Tee, the personal jury is still out to lunch.

I kind of lied to my mom about what I wanted to spend the 30 and change remaining on my card on. I moved 10 and the change to the next phone bill...but the other 20 went towards buying Time Boosters and Auto Calipers. And the coupons were used to form a Figure Skating Set for Lucia. So now she is the Pangya version of Yuna Kim. I'm kinda disappointed that these skates are just regular shoes. She's not even skating in them. They're that look like skates.

Well, I won't complain. Lucia looks nice looking like Yuna Kim, Yuna Kim is enough.