A Change Is Gonna Come

There was talk recently in Thailand that Pangya was going to have a massive, new update regarding the characters. I've only played this game for nearly 10 months, I've won a glut of trophies in a few days, and my main character is Hana, although I do play as Lucia and Nuri on occasions. More often, I play as Lucia because I have her feline, which allows for a better Pangya success rate. Once upon a time, my main character was Kooh. It took one swimsuit set and a change of heart to make Hana my main.

But back to the point. All of the characters are supposedly going to grow up by two years. Nuri and Hana are a couple, according to the Bedlam on Baltic Avenue, and to now see Nuri look like Max Changmin from DBSK is a breath of fresh air. I think the new Hana that will come out looks too much like Ako Atarashi, but that's just me. No more ponytails for Hana, it seems. I'll miss that, and her trademark frame. Then again, Sweet 16 had its charms.

As for Azer, he's now a bit older, one of those guys fit for the PGA Senior Tour. He's also a bit leaner and trim. Ah, the power of the Atkins Diet. Now it's going to be his wife Cecelia that dons the ponytail. Strange how the times change. Tough work aboard the Cannon. Law enforcement, military, national security, etc.

Max hasn't changed in terms of his charms and demeanor. But now he is looking more like David Beckham in his prime, which is scary. At least now, he is fluent in two sports: tennis and golf. As for Kooh, now she finally has a chest, even though it's still flat. Kooh, arguably, is one of the most popular characters in the PangYa universe because of her loli charms and the badass mentality. So for her to finally grow up is going to be something.

As for Arin, she's now beyond college age and is now a full-time working class mom. Well, logic would suggest that she and Max are married and have toddlers that are watching the matches on the island via TV. Or maybe checking out some anime show that is not meant for them to watch. Kaz, meanwhile, is more badass than ever. Now of college student age and one who is aware of who he is, Kaz is going to be a hit with those who want to conquer Deep Inferno. Or any other course. He's not my main, though; I just started buying clothes and accessories for him recently.

As for Kaz's wife Lucia (yes, Kaz and Lucia ARE a pair), she's now in the prime of her life. By this point, if she was mainland and didn't hit the links, she would be selling platinum albums, winning awards, starring in movies, learning different languages. Oh yes, and she would also be a mom as well. Ah, the mystique of adulthood. As for Nell, she doesn't age too much but she does get a little bit taller. Yes, she IS a girl. Any of you who argue she is a boy must drop the strong stuff immediately; it's affected your thought process to no end.

Finally, there's Spica. She's also entering life as a young adult. If she was in college, all the hot men would go after her, and she would find the right keys to a man's heart. Or, maybe it's the other way around. Spica was meant to be loved in all the right places. A shame she isn't paired up with anyone. I also hear that a new character may be coming to the Pangya universe. Suddenly, Spica may not be so lonely after all. Hang in there, Spica! The man of your dreams is coming; hold on tight!