The Senate in my Head is partying to a little Calvin Harris classic right now. Up until now, I had never won a single tournament or match on Pangya. Today, I had won every tournament at the Novice level and in the process, I proved to myself that this game is something I can win in.

Now, you people may argue that this is not that big of a deal because, after all, this is the Novice level. However, I had never won at anything in this game. It's been over nine months since I started playing Pangya, and I was winless. So now, to finally win at a's a huge weight off my shoulders. Think the latest Mars Rover landing and everyone celebrating "Touchdown confirmed." That's how much I value results like these.

I could have done better on Blue Lagoon, though. I still can't judge inclines, and I even got an O.B. on Hole 8, the toughest of all the holes on the course, at least according to me. But in the process, I ended up unlocking a number of achievements, which is always good. I still don't know if I am going to take a stab at these Class 1 tournaments; my caddies don't benefit from this Grand Prix mode. Maybe I will wait for the next Papel Box to arrive.