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ISML 2014: Kuroyukihime finally wins a necklace!

ISML 2014: Kuroyukihime finally wins a necklace!
Tokisaki wins Ruby match but loses out, Shokuhou takes Medallion

By Jo-Ryan Salazar
The Bedlam on Baltic Avenue
June 27, 2014

Umesato Junior High in Tokyo was full of excitement, joy and relief when they found out Kuroyukihime, a student from the future, won the 2014 International Saimoe League Ruby Necklace despite losing out in a closely contested Necklace Match. Kuroyukihime finished fourth in the match with 1424 votes and a calculation of 129.712.

"I came from the future to take part in this tournament, and I can finally say I won one of these," Hime said with Haruyuki Arita at her side. "Well. I knew that I needed to hang tough with the best of them and I did. So I would like to finally thank everyone for their support and hope they continue to support me the rest of this season, and seasons to come, if I qualify."

Kurumi Tokisaki won the necklace match with 1461 votes but only had a necklace score calculation of 125.198. "This was a wide-open match with no clear-cut favorite, so I am not surprised that I fell short," Tokisaki said. "I am confident that I can finally pull through in the next period but Asuna and Shana are no slouches, either."

Speaking of Asuna Yuuki, she earned 1428 votes and had a necklace score calculation of 110.546. "It was going to be an uphill battle with my record and SDO number, but at least I gave it a good try," Yuuki said. "I'll try to win a necklace next time, but it won't be easy."

Kotori Itsuka was fourth after garnering just 957 votes for a calculation of 109.265. "This is a result that I am certainly not happy with," Itsuka said. "We seem to look like an overrated series when it comes to winning these necklaces. At this rate, we could be shut out. Completely unhappy with the lack of support."

Shana had 1429 votes, but was behind the 8-ball already with the low SDO and settled for a necklace score of 106.895. "The newer faces have been stealing the spotlight, but when you've been as long as I have at this tournament, I can deal with the lack of support," Shana said. "I put up a good fight, and that's what really matters."

Mashiro Shiina was sixth, winning 1013 votes for a necklace score calculation of 97.779. "I faced long odds to win a necklace, but I know that I have two more chances to win one," Shiina said. "I'll try to win the next one up for grabs; I have a strong voter base to turn to." Eucliwood Hellscythe was last, with 757 votes and a score calculation of 83.719. Hellscythe, understandably, was unable for comment.

Misaki Shokuhou won the Ruby Medallion, winning 1521 votes. Azusa Azuki was second with 1423 votes, Yui Hirasawa was third with 1201 votes, Hitagi Senjougahara earned 1192 votes, Kirino Kousaka earned 1132 votes, Nyarathotep earned 907 votes and Sanae Dekomori earned 717 votes.

"It's nice to win this, but it's been a tough season for me," said Shokuhou at Tokiwadai Middle School in Academy City. "I don't know if I will be able to qualify for the postseason, but then again, just to participate in a tournament like this is good enough for me."

Sahoto Ashisu won the first of two other exhibitions going on, with 1805 votes. Erza Scarlet was second with 1797 votes, Nagisa Momoe was third with 1299 votes, Tsugumi Harudori had 719 votes, Hana Mutou earned 577 votes, Yukari Takeba had 499 votes and Mineva Lao Zabi held up the rear with 358 votes.

Chiammy Zell won the other exhibition with 1389 votes. Mato Kuroi was second with 1346 votes, Leticia Dracular was third with 1308 votes, Yui Yuigahama had 1213 votes, Mitsuki Nase had 1088 votes, Akatsuki had 1080 votes and Haruki Sagae held up the rear with 629 votes.

TOP 16, Nova Division
1. Kotori Itsuka
2. Kurumi Tokisaki
3. Yoshino
4. Kuroyukihime (RUB)
5. Rikka Takanashi
6. Asuna Yuuki
7. Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi
8. Eru Chitanda
9. Nanami Aoyama
10. Tohka Yatogami
11. Shinka Nibutani
12. Yaya
13. Azusa Azuki
14. Kurousagi
15. Yukino Yukinoshita
16. Touka Takanashi

TOP 16, Stella Division
1. Kanade Tachibana (AM)
2. Mikoto Misaka (AQ)
3. Ruri Gokou (C)
4. Mashiro Shiina
5. Taiga Aisaka
6. Eucliwood Hellscythe
7. Ayase Aragaki
8. Shana
9. Azusa Nakano
10. Mio Akiyama
11. Yui-nyan
12. Saber
13. Yuri Nakamura
14. Kobato Hasegawa
15. Inori Yuzuriha
16. Konjiki no Yami

Match Day 1 of the 2014 International Saimoe League Emerald Period is scheduled for July 6, 2014. Vote for your favorite candidates at and join the ongoing debate. And be sure to keep tabs on the Bedlam on Baltic Avenue for continuing coverage of the world's premier anime character competition, the International Saimoe League!

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