Turn back the clock, wait! Turn down for what!?

So I'm now a few days away from Anime Expo, and a few days away from completing one year of Pangya, the golf game that people like for the casual feel but hate for the hacking and unfair gameplay by others. It was one year ago, on Canada Day 2013, in which I finally decided to play Pangya and enter the  legion of gamers that play the course. Back then, I only had one character, Kooh, and I was fishing for cubes on Hole Repeat Mode at Pink Wind, Hole 6.

I really started to play the game when the 2013 swimsuits came out. Once that happened, I began to play more and more as Hana. I finally settled on Hana as my main character, and then Lucia became my secondary character after I purchased the Madoka and Homura sets. I eventually unlocked every character and after I made friends with my golfing buddy MS_Aries, I ended up receiving millions of pang to unlock clothes and accesories for a lot of my characters. I even received clothes that I never received before because I still consider myself very new to the game, even after one year of playing.

It was when Pangya Grand Prix debuted that I finally was able to pile on the achievements. Up until then, I was fixated on playing in VS mode sparingly. Now, with Grand Prix mode I was able to jump from a Memorial Level 4 to a Memorial Level 12 in two months. Just hours ago, I got promoted to the National Pro ranks and will be stuck on National Pro E for a while now. I ranked up clubs, applied cards to rares, made lots of albatrosses and tomahawk shots with backspins and even got a beam impact achievement.

I've got a long way to go before I can consider myself a real veteran of the game. But I have an intention of reaching the Master ranks by the end of next year, if I still have the desire to play Pangya. I'm not going to settle for just National Pro E. I've got loftier aspirations. Heck, I got a Golden Papel to chase.