2channel Anime Saimoe 2014: 10 Questions With Homura Akemi

Fresh off qualifying for the 2014 2channel Anime Saimoe Tournament, Karen Kujou of Kin'iro Mosaic interviewed Homura Akemi, one of the most adored...and reviled...characters in Saimoe history. This meeting was done at Madoka's and Homura's personal bedroom inside the Kaname Family household in Mitakihara Town, where Homura moved in with following the now-famous rebellion.

Karen: Homura, do people still hate you for what you did to Madoka?
Homura: Attitudes change, with the passage of time. Lately, people have accepted that Madoka is here, with me, and with nothing really to worry about, except being a model student and a good future housewife, after she finishes school. Those who still hate me for what I did choose to be ignorant of why it had to be done. Madoka is here, she is the Saimoe Prime Minister, what more do you ignorant masses want? It's strange how the world works.

Karen: Speaking of that, do you let the world govern itself, or do you change things so that it's the way you wanted?
Homura: I only intervene when there is an event that affects the big picture and Madoka. You have to understand that Madoka still has her goddess form. I am just as strong as she is. I have to hold her back and she knows this because I do not want Kyuubey to take advantage of her again. I've kept him at bay and I'm not going to let him break loose anymore. Otherwise, I let the world handle itself.

Karen: Does Madoka hate you for what you did to her?
Homura: She was, but then I had to explain why I did it. I had to change the way she prioritizes things and when she found out what was really going on, she broke down. I comforted her, we consummated afterwards, and once she became the Saimoe Prime Minister, I became her deputy and we've continued to be each other's best partner. Together, we are unstoppable.

Karen: So, from what I take it, you two are really good in bed. Is that it?
Homura: Do you REALLY want to know?
Karen: Well, you're the one leading me on, Homura, sure, go ahead!
Homura: (chuckle) Well, the answer is yes. We love each other's company so much, we are incomplete without each other. There's just something about Madoka that makes me want to do everything for her, because it's love, you know? I've been through enough timeloops to finally think about sex and lesbian love like an adult. I taught Madoka everything she needs to know about making love and making love the right way. (whispers in Karen's ear) And it's yielded extremely fantastic results.
Karen: (nose begins to bleed) Do you have a tissue?
Homura: I know you'd say that. (hands Karen a box) Have a box. It's on me.

Karen: What do you think about the new entrants in this tournament?
Homura: I will say this; you've got a huge upside. Congratulations on winning your group.
Karen: Thank you.
Homura: As for the new entrants, I think GochUsa has some strong characters, as well as Nisekoi and Non Non Biyori. However, this tournament has some returning old faces. Rena Ryuuguu's back. Rika Furude's back. Suiseiseki's back. Hinagiku Katsura's back and Nagi Sanzen'in might join her, too. You have all these old faces from tournaments past returning to the race for the seat that this does feel like a crossroads between old and new. Love Live!, I think, will really leave an impression for those who don't want to pick my party or Saki. Among the veterans, this might be their year.

Karen: Do you feel that you have a shot at winning the Saimoe Prime Minister seat?
Homura: Well, being the right-hand deputy to Madoka is already good enough for me, so if I end up running the tables, I'll take it, but I'm not going to shake my head in disbelief if I get eliminated. I figured I turned off a lot of supporters by doing what I did to Madoka, but maybe they've forgiven me and embraced me as their own perverted little devil. (giggle)

Karen: You spent time a few years ago as the Saimoe President of the Korean Republic. How what that?
Homura: I got a lot of fans in Korea. They like my attitude, my style, my charms, and I love the food in Korea, it's so delicious. I learned a lot about the tenuous relations between Korea and Japan and I have decided that anything my country did to Korea in the past must be condemned and rectified immediately. You see, I dream of a day when Japan fully reconciles with Korea, the North and South are reunited, and that both countries are each other's friends. That will be the day both nations discover the power of East Asian Strength. We are sister countries and we need to settle our differences so that we can be there for each other through good times and bad. When we become East Asian Strong, we are unstoppable. And you can quote me on that, because it's true.
Karen: I will.
Homura: Thank you.

Karen: Have you received love letters from boys at your school?
Homura: These questions...
Karen: We're doing an interview here, Homura! Please answer the question properly!
Homura: Okay, okay. The answer is yes, I have been receiving lots of love letters from hot guys that want to take me out on a date. I've had to reject them all. I've had to explain to all of the boys that I'm a lesbian, Madoka's a lesbian, and we're eternal partners. Then I get nothing but harsh rhetoric from people who won't won't accept the fact that homosexuality is being accepted in countries like Japan. I just clap my hands a few times... (claps hands) ...and then their eyes are opened. I've had to do that to a lot of people, including Miki-san, who doesn't accept that I am who I am. I've had to take matters into my own hands and break the ice...with a kiss.
Karen: So...you're doing it with Sayaka Miki, too!?
Homura: Sayaka Miki, Kyouko Sakura, Mami Tomoe, Nagisa Momoe...I have close bonds with them and sometimes I have to force them to open their eyes a bit. It's not to piss them off deliberately, but rather a wake-up call to the signs of the times.
Karen: Do you get love letters from girls, too?
Homura: Yes, but I also have to reject those, as well.

Karen: Let's say you win the Saimoe Prime Minister's office. What's next?
Homura: Kinda early for you to say that, don't you think?
Karen: No, but, come on, what if the fans truly forgive you and make you their ruler?
Homura: (laughter) Well, I will treat it just like any other job. Places to go, people to meet, functions to attend, I get to tour the world, I get to tell people my story, I get more people who support our cause. It would be nice to win it all, but the talent pool is so deep and so strong that, it's really up to the voters to decide that. One thing's for sure, when I get drawn in the first round, I don't want to be set up for a quick exit.

Karen: Finally, having a child to call your own. What do you think?
Homura: How about that? Madoka and I talk about that a lot. Honoka Akemi, the concept of humanity and a future idol star. She'll have the best of both worlds and two wonderful parents to look up to. And that leads me to my point: I want to be able to live a normal life like Madoka and Miki-san and Tomoe-san and Sakura-san and Nagisa. It's tough to be a concept of love. It's already enough work being the devil to Madoka being the angel. Adulthood is something that I want to be ready for because this world is wonderful when Madoka and I share the future together. She needs me like I need her. I want us to be happy. This world deserves happiness. We can make it happen.