Thursday, August 07, 2014

Pangya Family Affair

So my friend from the Philippines wanted to sell her account last week. I was very close to doing so, but my parents stopped me hours from getting it done. I wasn't too happy about it, but it forced me to create a secondary Pangya account so that I could be able to get rewards from playing VS mode while at the same time working towards finally getting my wings. My friend had to sell her account to someone else as I didn't have any cash, since I had to help my parents with the groceries.

Too bad for her, but I have to take care of my parents and myself. That's why I am a family first type of person, especially with my jobs not paying me quite well. So, one week after I created my new account, the account has skyrocketed to Senior E rank and the quit rate is showing. Of course, there has to be 20 more games played before it can be eligible to gain wings on its profile. And Papel is fully trained there.

On the other hand, I was able to do an number of things on my main profile. I got Pippin fully trained, Quma is now at Level 2 and could be fully trained by the end of next week, I jumped up to National D rank after over one month at National E rank, and my Angel Wings are now permanent until I end up either quitting a match (which won't happen) or disconnect (which could happen if the servers fuck up). Finally, the only courses that have yet to be played in full are Silvia Cannon, Wiz Wiz, Ice Inferno and Wind Hill. I cannot play those courses yet as I need to clear my Grand Prix tickets and restock on my Pink Wind Comets. Oh yes, and my Memorial Level is now at 15.

Personally, I am glad that MAYN Interactive have chosen to leave my accounts alone. I am pretty good with rares, even though I play most of my matches at Dolfini 1. My backup account is used as a sparring partner, like what you see at boxing gyms around the world.

The bottom line is even though I play on VS mode more often with my two accounts, primarily to test the VS mode and learn more about each course in the game, I am not using any third-party software to improve my game, so they really can't do anything about it. In fact, I'll be shocked if they actually do take action. I don't engage in the trading or anything like that, I just go there to play, and that's that. And since I already have my wings and they're now permanent unless I get a shitstorm of disconnects, it's all smooth sailing for now.

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