Friday, September 26, 2014

ISML 2014: Sunday Semifinals Are Set

ISML 2014: Sunday Semifinals Are Set
By Jo-Ryan Salazar
September 26, 2014

Match Day 7 of the 2014 International Saimoe League Postseason has concluded and we now have our semifinal pairings. Mashiro Shiina defeated Asuna Yuuki, 4045-3990, winning every region except for China, Japan, Korea, Australia and New Zealand. Kotori Itsuka picked up every region with the exception of North America, Western Europe, Russia, China, Japan, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand en route to a 4218-3725 victory.

In the closest race of the night, impressive victories in the USA, Latin America, Russia, Japan, Korea and Africa powered Ayase Aragaki to a 4031-4005 nailbiter over Yoshino, whose major victories came in the Middle East, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Finally, Kanade Tachibana dethroned Ruri Gokou, 4134-3575. scoring critical victories in the Middle East, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, all of Southeast Asia, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Gokou's strongest victory came in Russia.

In classification results, Shana torched Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi 4184-3799, Taiga Aisaka roared past Eucliwood Hellscythe 4205-3714, Kurumi Tokisaki scored the Upset of the Round: 4149-4055 over Mikoto Misaka and Kuroyukihime flew past Rikka Takanashi 4118-3930. In exhibition action, Chitoge Kirisaki routed Sayaka Kirasaka 4243-2845, Enju AIhara defeated Stephanie Dola 3963-3500, Saya Tokido whipped past Ringo Kinoshita 3541-3193 and Chino Kafuu dismantled RIze Tedeza 4003-2468.

Match Day 8 of the 2014 International Saimoe Postseason is scheduled for September 28, 2014. Vote for your favorite candidates at and join the ongoing debate.
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