Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Season's Greetings from the Bedlam on Baltic Avenue.

After burning the midnight oil on another Saimoe fic and then running some errands and wrapping up the training on my newly-acquired caddies in Cien and Clear Papel on Pangya, my schedule has gotten shockingly lighter heading into Christmas morning. My focus right now is getting ready for another Rose Parade that I plan to check out next week in Pasadena. The Oregon and Florida State fans are getting hyped up for this one, although I will be coming into the game and parade as a relative neutral. At long last, college football has a playoff at the highest level. About damn time.

Meanwhile, while checking out the Lucky Pouches, I ended up acquiring two new rares: the High Elfen Ears for Azer (who I almost never play as) and Bunnie Set for Hana, which allows me to now play as my main more than ever. I also acquired the Christmas Dress set for Hana R, but I had already cleared the accomplishments for that character, meaning I could focus on getting my Classic Hana to 1,000 games.

With the acquisition of the Bunnie Set, the Furry Friends set for Hana, my chances of hitting Pangya are better than ever. I like Hana in her classic form when she has shorter hair, although the Bunnie Ears look like a souped up version of The Swift hairstyle. However, it matches well with her 2013 swimsuit. I do want to get her 2011 swimsuit instead, which matches her Bunnie Set better.

That's the thing: the Furry Friends Set for the girls always go great with the bikinis because it draws out the youthful spirit. So now I am stuck wearing this set for Hana into the new year. I will play as Madoka every now and then, but not as much. I could get used to this combo for a while.

Season's greetings from the Bedlam, where there's always something going on around here.

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