Sunday, January 12, 2014

El Big Guy has entered the Bedlam

I never got anything from GM_Santa on Pangya, unfortunately. Which is too bad because I wanted to get Madoka in her Ultimate form as well as get those two animal caddies named Elly and Tory. My letter was not selected, even though I put a lot of effort in writing it and I felt it had a case. The least they could do is rectify a wrong regarding their current Scratchy Card promotion.

You see, I have had my eyes set on the Big Red Papel for weeks ever since it came out. The problem was this: I had been winning the same SSAF Set for Lucia four straight times. Two of the copies were sold to my friend in the Philippines and I had one more on hand. Seeing that winning the same prize without getting the other did not sit very well with me, I had to fill a 1:1 Support Ticket to GameRage on Christmas Day and I showed their proof of the duplicate inventory.

It took these guys two weeks to get back to me. It didn't take them 24 hours. It took them two weeks, and I wondered if they had ignored my concern regarding what I felt was unnecessary rigging of the Scratchy Card system. Think about it: I burned about maybe 200 of these cards just to get four of the same SSAF Set for Lucia, and I never won the Big Red Papel outright.

Once I got the message a few days ago that they had fixed this and gave me the Big Red Papel, I got it, but I found out that supposedly this was going to last 30 days. Now, I don't see any days remaining on the caddie, nor do I see a clock, meaning that this is a temporary caddie. In other words, I have this for good.

I have to wonder why I would only have this thing for only a month. I didn't come this far just to have a caddie that only lasts one month. Up until just recently, I had been stuck with the regular Papel, who is the caddie that I earned after completing the tutorial on Canada Day last year. I had been stuck with that same caddie for several months.

The great thing about Big Red Papel, which I will now refer to by my personal name of El Big Guy, is that he doesn't have a salary. He boosts your control by 2, and at the end of a game, a portion of the clear bonus becomes Bonus Pang. Add the fact that he is designed with the big spenders in mind (of which I am a noble part of) and you can see why I was relieved that the Pangya Team did not slack around and got this taken care of once and for all.

Here's the thing: f my friend in the Philippines wants this caddie (which would be strange because I feel A.H.M.I.E. is a bit of a better caddie from my view; the only reason why I don't have her is because I spent my money grabbing most of the Madoka kits), she's going to have to give me back the Kyouko Sakura hair that I gave her for her Kooh. I can only dream, but I don't expect that to happen. Add the fact that this is just the second caddie I have ever had in my short history playing the game, and I really don't expect any moves from my friend. But if she wants it, she needs to give me back the Kyouko hair and El Big Guy is all hers.

I did send her a shirt for her Nuri, even though she doesn't play as Nuri; opting rather to play as Arin. At least I only spent that with pang, but for 18,000 pang, that's a lot. That takes six or seven rounds of Wiz City Hole 6 on Hole Repeat just to get that much, and that's only you opt to work on your long putts and they fall in, rather than skirt the hole.

El Big Guy, therefore, will constitute as the make-up Christmas present that GM_Santa owes me for not giving me the Madokami set and the two furry whippersnappers that would have been the Goddess's personal escorts. Sure, I have three pairs of stockings and a knitted dress for Spica, but I only got it because my friend dragged me into a series of Special Shuffle Course shenanigans.

It's against my policy to forfeit a match or quit a match. Heck, I have yet to use a Mulligan Rose, and using that, for some reason that I do not know (seriously), is against the way of me. I may not be good at what I do, but I always try to finish the round in any way possible. That's why I have my Angel Wings for a few of my characters. Those who do not quit a match or have a very low quit rate are eligible to don the Angel Wings. They look good with a swimsuit. In fact, that's what five of my characters are wearing right now and they're stuck wearing that because my main character is Nuri and those five are his personal harem.

One of my resolutions is to move up five ranks. So far, I am less than 800 EXP points away from moving up one. I can't get away from this game. It's so much fun to get a Pangya fix every now and then.

In closing, the Bedlam raises a toast to El Big Guy taking up way too much space in my virtual room. Here, hear.