Tuesday, January 28, 2014

In the end, you're responsible for you.

I told my friend from the Philippines, Aries, in an email that I don't need her assistance anymore in Pangya because I'm settled with points, pang, active items, etc. It also didn't help that she dragged me into a game without considering that I was occupied with a quest of my own. I did say that it was unfortunate that this was situation she was dealt with, but when you ask for other people's money when they earn little, and you do it consistently and you run up the score on them in stroke play matches, those people can have deep amounts of resentment for you. They don't want to play with you and they don't want anything to do with you.

To be honest, it started when I was selling a rare set for Cecilia, one of the playable characters. Either that or it was glasses. And then my friend adds me to her friends list. She thinks I'm a millionaire. She didn't realize that she was demanding too much from me. Eventually it got to a point where I had to let her go because she's asking for my money when she's not even working because she lives in the Philippines. I told her in the email, go find a job, or get a raise or budget. Don't rely on me, I'm not your bank or fellow family member. I don't do remittances. This would have been avoided if she asked someone else to play with her on that Daily Quests game. I am not a Plan A, B, C, D, E, or even F. I'm just a Pangya Researcher, opting to play the game by practicing the courses in different wind variations.

So she realizes now that she really was asking for way too much from me and it left me pretty pissed off. The good thing about it is that now any point I purchases will be mine's, I won't engage in any more rare trading, and so on. I didn't win the Lottery. I worked for my cash. And I'm so glad that now she will ask someone else for points because she's done enough for me. I've done enough for her, too, and I'm ending it there.

After I sent the email, and I took a long nap where I started to appreciate my family and why I plan to give back to them this Friday if I do get my overtime pay, I took a few photos of Hana in her Black Widow Set. I think it does match for a good Halloween night inside Deep Inferno. But since Halloween isn't for a while, I placed the dress inside Dolfini's Locker after the photo shoot finished.