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2channel Anime Saimoe 2014: 10 Questions With Homura Akemi

Fresh off qualifying for the 2014 2channel Anime Saimoe Tournament, Karen Kujou of Kin'iro Mosaic interviewed Homura Akemi, one of the most adored...and reviled...characters in Saimoe history. This meeting was done at Madoka's and Homura's personal bedroom inside the Kaname Family household in Mitakihara Town, where Homura moved in with following the now-famous rebellion.

Karen: Homura, do people still hate you for what you did to Madoka?
Homura: Attitudes change, with the passage of time. Lately, people have accepted that Madoka is here, with me, and with nothing really to worry about, except being a model student and a good future housewife, after she finishes school. Those who still hate me for what I did choose to be ignorant of why it had to be done. Madoka is here, she is the Saimoe Prime Minister, what more do you ignorant masses want? It's strange how the world works.

Karen: Speaking of that, do you let the world govern itself, or do you change things so that it's the way you wanted?
Homura: I only intervene when there is an event that affects the big picture and Madoka. You have to understand that Madoka still has her goddess form. I am just as strong as she is. I have to hold her back and she knows this because I do not want Kyuubey to take advantage of her again. I've kept him at bay and I'm not going to let him break loose anymore. Otherwise, I let the world handle itself.

Karen: Does Madoka hate you for what you did to her?
Homura: She was, but then I had to explain why I did it. I had to change the way she prioritizes things and when she found out what was really going on, she broke down. I comforted her, we consummated afterwards, and once she became the Saimoe Prime Minister, I became her deputy and we've continued to be each other's best partner. Together, we are unstoppable.

Karen: So, from what I take it, you two are really good in bed. Is that it?
Homura: Do you REALLY want to know?
Karen: Well, you're the one leading me on, Homura, sure, go ahead!
Homura: (chuckle) Well, the answer is yes. We love each other's company so much, we are incomplete without each other. There's just something about Madoka that makes me want to do everything for her, because it's love, you know? I've been through enough timeloops to finally think about sex and lesbian love like an adult. I taught Madoka everything she needs to know about making love and making love the right way. (whispers in Karen's ear) And it's yielded extremely fantastic results.
Karen: (nose begins to bleed) Do you have a tissue?
Homura: I know you'd say that. (hands Karen a box) Have a box. It's on me.

Karen: What do you think about the new entrants in this tournament?
Homura: I will say this; you've got a huge upside. Congratulations on winning your group.
Karen: Thank you.
Homura: As for the new entrants, I think GochUsa has some strong characters, as well as Nisekoi and Non Non Biyori. However, this tournament has some returning old faces. Rena Ryuuguu's back. Rika Furude's back. Suiseiseki's back. Hinagiku Katsura's back and Nagi Sanzen'in might join her, too. You have all these old faces from tournaments past returning to the race for the seat that this does feel like a crossroads between old and new. Love Live!, I think, will really leave an impression for those who don't want to pick my party or Saki. Among the veterans, this might be their year.

Karen: Do you feel that you have a shot at winning the Saimoe Prime Minister seat?
Homura: Well, being the right-hand deputy to Madoka is already good enough for me, so if I end up running the tables, I'll take it, but I'm not going to shake my head in disbelief if I get eliminated. I figured I turned off a lot of supporters by doing what I did to Madoka, but maybe they've forgiven me and embraced me as their own perverted little devil. (giggle)

Karen: You spent time a few years ago as the Saimoe President of the Korean Republic. How what that?
Homura: I got a lot of fans in Korea. They like my attitude, my style, my charms, and I love the food in Korea, it's so delicious. I learned a lot about the tenuous relations between Korea and Japan and I have decided that anything my country did to Korea in the past must be condemned and rectified immediately. You see, I dream of a day when Japan fully reconciles with Korea, the North and South are reunited, and that both countries are each other's friends. That will be the day both nations discover the power of East Asian Strength. We are sister countries and we need to settle our differences so that we can be there for each other through good times and bad. When we become East Asian Strong, we are unstoppable. And you can quote me on that, because it's true.
Karen: I will.
Homura: Thank you.

Karen: Have you received love letters from boys at your school?
Homura: These questions...
Karen: We're doing an interview here, Homura! Please answer the question properly!
Homura: Okay, okay. The answer is yes, I have been receiving lots of love letters from hot guys that want to take me out on a date. I've had to reject them all. I've had to explain to all of the boys that I'm a lesbian, Madoka's a lesbian, and we're eternal partners. Then I get nothing but harsh rhetoric from people who won't won't accept the fact that homosexuality is being accepted in countries like Japan. I just clap my hands a few times... (claps hands) ...and then their eyes are opened. I've had to do that to a lot of people, including Miki-san, who doesn't accept that I am who I am. I've had to take matters into my own hands and break the ice...with a kiss.
Karen:'re doing it with Sayaka Miki, too!?
Homura: Sayaka Miki, Kyouko Sakura, Mami Tomoe, Nagisa Momoe...I have close bonds with them and sometimes I have to force them to open their eyes a bit. It's not to piss them off deliberately, but rather a wake-up call to the signs of the times.
Karen: Do you get love letters from girls, too?
Homura: Yes, but I also have to reject those, as well.

Karen: Let's say you win the Saimoe Prime Minister's office. What's next?
Homura: Kinda early for you to say that, don't you think?
Karen: No, but, come on, what if the fans truly forgive you and make you their ruler?
Homura: (laughter) Well, I will treat it just like any other job. Places to go, people to meet, functions to attend, I get to tour the world, I get to tell people my story, I get more people who support our cause. It would be nice to win it all, but the talent pool is so deep and so strong that, it's really up to the voters to decide that. One thing's for sure, when I get drawn in the first round, I don't want to be set up for a quick exit.

Karen: Finally, having a child to call your own. What do you think?
Homura: How about that? Madoka and I talk about that a lot. Honoka Akemi, the concept of humanity and a future idol star. She'll have the best of both worlds and two wonderful parents to look up to. And that leads me to my point: I want to be able to live a normal life like Madoka and Miki-san and Tomoe-san and Sakura-san and Nagisa. It's tough to be a concept of love. It's already enough work being the devil to Madoka being the angel. Adulthood is something that I want to be ready for because this world is wonderful when Madoka and I share the future together. She needs me like I need her. I want us to be happy. This world deserves happiness. We can make it happen.

ISML 2014 BoBA Tiara Odds, July 25, 2014

Bedlam on Baltic Avenue
2014 International Saimoe League Tiara Odds
As of 9:08 p.m. PT, July 25, 2014

Mikoto Misaka 2-3
Kanade Tachibana EVEN
Kotori Itsuka 2-1
Yoshino 3-1
Ruri Gokou 7-2
Kurumi Tokisaki 4-1
Mashiro Shiina 9-2
Kuroyukihime 5-1
Asuna Yuuki 6-1
Rikka Takanashi 13-2
Taiga Aisaka 7-1
Ayase Aragaki 8-1
Eucliwood Hellscythe 19-2
Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi 10-1
Eru Chitanda 11-1
Shana 12-1
Azusa Nakano 13-1
Nanami Aoyama 14-1
Touka Yatogami 15-1
Mio Akiyama 16-1
Shinka Nibutani 17-1
Yui-nyan 18-1
Kurousagi 19-1
Azusa Azuki 20-1
Kobato Hasegawa 21-1
Yuri Nakamura 22-1
Yukino Yukinoshita 23-1
Yaya 24-1
Saber 25-1
Momo Velia Deviluke 26-1
Konjiki no Yami 30-1
Haruhi Suzumiya 31-1
Touka Takanashi 32-1
Sena Kashiwazaki 33-1
Shinobu Oshino 35-1
MIkan Yuuki 40-1
Kurisu Makise 45-1
Yuki Nagato 50-1
Mirai Kuriyama 55-1
Kirino Kousaka 60-1
Charlotte Dunois 65-1
Haqua du Lot Herminium 70-1
Yui Hirasawa 75-1
Yui 80-1
Chocolat 85-1
Nyarlathotep 90-1
Origami Tobiichi 95-1
Sora Kasugano 100-1
Misaki Shokuhou 125-1
Rin Natsume 150-1
Last Order 175-1
Victorique de Blois 200-1
Ririchiyo Shirakiin 250-1
Illyasviel von Einzbern 500-1
Sanae Dekomori 750-1
Yukina Himeragi 1000-1

ISML 2014: Top 16, Stella Division

1. Mikoto Misaka

2. Kanade Tachibana

3. Ruri Gokou

4. Mashiro Shiina

5. Taiga Aisaka

6. Ayase Aragaki

7. Eucliwood Hellscythe

8. Shana

9. Azusa Nakano

10. Mio Akiyama

11. Yui-nyan

12/ Inori Yuzuriha

13. Kobato Hasegawa

14. Yuri Nakamura

15. Saber

16. Konjiki no Yami

ISML 2014: Top 16, Nova Division

1. Kotori Itsuka

2. Yoshino

3. Kurumi Tokisaki

4. Kuroyukihime

5. Asuna Yuuki

6. Rikka Takanashi

7. Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi

8. Eru Chitanda

9. Nanami Aoyama

10. Tohka Yatogami

11. Shinka Nibutani

12. Kurousagi

13. Azusa Azuki

14. Yukino Yukinoshita

15. Yaya

16. Momo Velia Deviluke

ISML 2014: Asuna wins Emerald Necklace

ISML 2014: Asuna wins Emerald Necklace
Date A Live divide give Yuuki the prize, Yui claims Anklet

By Jo-Ryan Salazar
The Bedlam on Baltic Avenue
July 25, 2014

When Asuna Yuuki heard the news that she won the 2014 International Saimoe League Emerald Necklace, she high-fived the embraced her husband, Kazuto Kirigaya, and their designated daughter Yui, who also won the Emerald Anklet. Yuuki finished with with 1705 votes for a score calculation of 139.552.

"It's a great victory, what more can I say?" said Yuuki at her press conference in Tokyo. "No, I think it's an honor to be dominant in this competition because I have something the fans around the world like. So I want to thank my supporters for pushing me and Yui over the top. This victory is for them. I also want to thank Kirito, for being the wonderful foundation in my life. I owe a lot to him, more than anything."

Mashiro Shiina won 1326 votes for a score calculation of 122.749. "Tough defeat, but being in a division like the Stella, I was going to be at a disavantage because of people like Mikoto [Misaka], Ruri [Gokou] and Kanade [Tachibana]," Shiina said. "I will simply take the loss and move on."

Kotori Itsuka only won 934 votes and finished third in the necklace score calculation at 111.951. "The Topaz is our last chance to make an impact," Itsuka admitted at a press conference in Tokyo. "I think the popularity of me, Yoshino and Kurumi [Tokisaki] made it difficult for any of us to win a necklace this year."

Tokisaki, who won 1398 votes for a score calculation of 102.206, echoed those sentiments. "We'll be hard-pressed to win the Topaz because Mashiro has yet to win a necklace and she may as well come in as the favorite to take that," Tokisaki said. "We just can't get over the hump in this league."

Yoshino had only 648 votes but finished fifth in the score calculation with 101.173. "I don't get this competition," said Yoshino through her interpreter, Yoshinon. "How do any of us from Date A Live still come up empty when it comes to these necklaces? We seem to be overlooked at will by these voters. They must have some agenda against us."

Taiga Aisaka, an already accomplished veteran of the league, did not sense any agenda. Aisaka had 875 votes for a score of 94.683. "This has to be frustrating for Date A Live but the power level among the top three is so diluted that a clear-cut favorite can't be determined," Aisaka said. "There are other options out there like Asuna and Mashiro. It becomes easier for the voters. They want their vote to matter. I know. I've been there."

Azusa Nakano was last, scoring 789 votes for a necklace score calculation of 87.183. "Obviously I was going to come in as an underdog in this match but it's nice to know that I'm still relevant in this competition," Nakano said. "But the new faces are holding their own, so the balance of power is cyclical. Soon, I won't be in this competition anymore. It's important that I enjoy my time here while I still can."

Yui won the Emerald Anklet with 1294 votes. Konjiki no Yami was second with 1106 votes, Origami Tobiichi was third with 1021 votes, Sena Kashiwazaki had 913 votes, Charlotte Dunois won 811 votes, Gaqua du Lot Herminium won 697 votes and Touka Takanashi held up the rear with 696 votes.

"I'm happy that I won something!" exclaimed Yui at the press conference with Yuuki. "I don't think I will win anything else this year, so I will accept this prize as a reward for all the hard work I've done this season, even though I might not be in the postseason picture."

In the first of two other exhibitions, Eco was first with 1466 votes. Hitsugi Kirigaya was second with 1142 votes, Escha Mailer was third with 1003 votes, Akane Mahougasawa won 918 votes, Suzu Nekoyama won 839 votes, Yuzuki Kurebayashi won 658 votes and Miyuki Nanase was last with 419 votes.

In the second exhibition, Aria Holmes Kanzaki won 1324 votes. Takane Enomoto was second with 1277 votes, Ai Shindow was third with 1123 votes, Cthugha won 981 votes, You Kasukabe won 960 vores, Frey won 853 votes and Kotori Takatori held up the rear with 675 votes.

TOP 16, Nova Division
1. Kotori Itsuka
2. Yoshino
3. Kurumi Tokisaki
4. Kuroyukihime (RUB)
5. Asuna Yuuki (EM)
6. Rikka Takanashi
7. Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi
8. Eru Chitanda
9. Nanami Aoyama
10. Tohka Yatogami
11. Shinka Nibutani
12. Kurousagi
13. Azusa Azuki
14. Yukino Yukinoshita
15. Yaya
16. Momo Velia Deviluke

TOP 16, Stella Division
1. Mikoto Misaka (AQ)
2. Kanade Tachibana (AM)
3. Ruri Gokou (C)
4. Mashiro Shiina
5. Taiga Aisaka
6. Ayase Aragaki
7. Eucliwood Hellscythe
8. Shana
9. Azusa Nakano
10. Mio Akiyama
11. Yui-nyan
12/ Inori Yuzuriha
13. Kobato Hasegawa
14. Yuri Nakamura
15. Saber
16. Konjiki no Yami

Match Day 1 of the 2014 International Saimoe League Topaz Period is scheduled for August 3, 2014. Vote for your favorite candidates at and join the ongoing debate. And keep it right here on for continuing coverage of the world's premier anime character competition...the International Saimoe League!

2channel Anime Saimoe 2014: First Preliminaries Group E02 Results

1位 82票 佐倉杏子@劇場版 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ[新編]叛逆の物語
1位 82票 翠星石@ローゼンメイデン
1位 82票 西木野真姫@ラブライブ!
1位 82票 絢瀬絵里@ラブライブ!
5位 75票 高坂穂乃果@ラブライブ!
6位 69票 シャルロット・デュノア@IS〈インフィニット・ストラトス〉 2
7位 68票 能美クドリャフカ@リトルバスターズ! -Refrain-
8位 61票 鶴田姫子@咲-Saki- 全国編
9位 59票 桂ヒナギク@ハヤテのごとく!
10位 57票 古手梨花@ひぐらしのなく頃に拡 -アウトブレイク-
11位 54票 古手川唯@To LOVEる -とらぶる- ダークネス
12位 53票 福与恒子@咲-Saki- 全国編
13位 49票 野依理沙@咲-Saki- 全国編
14位 48票 ミカサ・アッカーマン@進撃の巨人
15位 47票 本内成香@咲-Saki- 全国編
16位 44票 北白川たまこ@たまこラブストーリー
17位 43票 鮎川天理(ディアナ)@神のみぞ知るセカイ 女神篇
18位 42票 星井美希@THE IDOLM@STER MOVIE 輝きの向こう側へ!
19位 40票 雪音クリス@戦姫絶唱シンフォギアG
20位 38票 佐藤裕子@咲-Saki- 全国編
20位 38票 永塚紗季@ロウきゅーぶ!SS
20位 38票 魚見@生徒会役員共*
23位 35票 イカロス@そらのおとしものFinal 永遠の私の鳥籠
24位 32票 ユイ@ソードアート・オンライン Extra Edition
25位 31票 柏葉巴@ローゼンメイデン
25位 31票 来ヶ谷唯湖@リトルバスターズ! -Refrain-
27位 30票 マリア@ハヤテのごとく!
27位 30票 桜田麻音@たまゆら -もあぐれっしぶ-
29位 29票 瀬川泉@ハヤテのごとく!
30位 28票 多治比真佑子@咲-Saki- 全国編
31位 25票 青木れいか(キュアビューティ)@プリキュアシリーズ
31位 25票 ミミ・バルゲリー@ロウきゅーぶ!SS
31位 25票 来栖加奈子@俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない。
34位 24票 アストレア@そらのおとしものFinal 永遠の私の鳥籠
35位 22票 能口彩花@咲-Saki- 全国編
36位 21票 安河内美子@咲-Saki- 全国編
37位 19票 緑川なお(キュアマーチ)@プリキュアシリーズ
37位 19票 ミネバ・ラオ・ザビ(オードリー・バーン)@機動戦士ガンダムUC episode 7 虹の彼方に
37位 19票 練紅玉@マギ
40位 18票 九条月夜(ウルカヌス)@神のみぞ知るセカイ 女神篇
40位 18票 姫島朱乃@ハイスクールD×D NEW