Friday, November 14, 2014

H...H...H...Homura-chan, you pervert!

So in between my Pangya run and my quest to reach Memorial Level 24 (which I am proud to say am now one achievement away from reaching), I stumbled upon an angry document which was written back when Ntreev USA was still in existence. This is a hilarious read from my perspective. If there is one thing I get mad about, it's not hitting Pangya on a special shot. These two people who wrote this text here...well, let's say that they will be missing out regarding the new season and the Game Masters that are in charge.

We the Players of Pangya USA A Message brought to you
We the Players of Pangya USA, in Order to form an Angry Mob to Destory Ntreev, establish Justice, insure they forever
rot, provide for the common prices of online games, promote the general stupidity of this company, and secure the
Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our fellow online gamers, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the Now
Banned Players of Pangya whom did nothing against Ntreev.
There you have it. our very own Constitution towards Pangya! This is all due to MANY of us dedicated players logging in
after last night's maintenance to discover the following message from our friendly neighborhood assholes at Ntreev.
Let me first state. that yes MANY if not ALL of us have sent a 1:1 report to Ntreev about our accounts. and nothing has
been done! Also due note that many of us whom were banned have either been hacked before or have no idea why we
were banned last evening. However, the most wonderful thing about this is the fact that Ntreev just lost about 75% if not
more of their BEST customers! I myself have spent probably well over $3,000 (just as a minimum) of money on Pangya
with my main account RaiN(
Lets begin by stating OGP. We miss you dearly! Ntreev has done nothing but fuck up the Community! More hackers are
on Ntreev, more people dont get help when sending a 1:1 about things. not to mention you go ahead and let the fucking
non-english people have their own god damn server. which by the way Ntreev. THEY ARE STILL IN OUR ENGLISH
First you take away our shops. so many of us have items we never use in our rooms in game. Also on this note. EVERY
and I mean EVERY server besides us is able to sell or "trade" items in some way. ALL ITEMS not just Pang ones. Korea
and Japan are the original creators of Pangya. and they allow us to trade the "ecard/gatcha" items as well as pang ones.
I played Gatcha and ecard both and recieved items for players like Nuri, Azer and Max, whom I never play as! Some
players spend thousands to get a rare. and they don't even get one that they want or can use? So what does this do. well
the item just sits in their account rotting, while other players in the game may want to use it or need it. I don't think your
"not having shops" has anything to do with bugs or whatnot. it has to do with the fact that you are GREEDY AS FUCK!
Hence we dub you the name NGreed from now on! You want players to keep spending more and more money to recieve
the item they want. Just like I spent TONS of money on the Fantasy and Snowflower sets to receive Hana's. So you
know what NGreed. Fuck you! I hope you are happy that you lost players like myself and others whom have given you so
much money. From your 300 point ticker to your $69.00 fucking rune wings. you are going to loose a ton of your profit!
Haha Bitches!
Moving on. NGreed has spent little time insuring the game has safety for all players! We have players coming in with
400y drive, 0m wind, pang hacks, ticker hacks(LMAO),goedkope uggss, and oh yeah let us not forget the infamous
GM_Ranoldo. Has anyone noticed that Korea and Japan have no incidents of hackers, scammers, or whatnot?. I don't
think so and this is because they really actually CARE!! All NGreed wants is our money and to talk about having girls
over at their houses (which yes the GMs have stated this in the lobby). If the GM's really cared. why don't they implement
the Guild system? Hmmmm? It appears they like guilds considering they talk bout them in the Forums. Why don't they
make them happen? They claim they have other issues to deal with. but Look at GOA! They went from getting season 3
to season 4 in no less than 4 months! And Holy McMuffins Batman Look!. they have guilds, and the ability to trade
everything, plus no "emergency maintenances" because some idiot fucked up the patch!
Hows about you actually ban the hackers whom have like 40k on Ice Spa with +32 or the rookie's whom went straight to
National Pros? Why don't you just start picking random names out of a fucking hat and ban those people whom you pull
their names out why dontcha!!? That should make everyone feel great! All the loyal players who spend money with you
and speak english and follow the rules and love the game. yeah lets just go pull their names out now. Doesn't that sound
like a plan? And for those of you who read this and say aww what a baby she's crying because she got caught you all
can go fuck yourselves because I am a dedicated player and love pangya and do my part to keep the game great. Oh
and btw if you are thinking that. watch out because your name might be bulled out next time NGreed decides to do
another round of BANGO!
To all of you GM Leg-Humpers as a wonderful friend of mine put it. think about what you are really supporting.
BR Hackers/ Spammers1:1 Support Fail
Greedy BastardsPeople who ban good players
Bugged ShitAlmost Non-caring GMs
69's (LMAO)No GuildsNo Selling Items$30.00 Gatcha Coins(That don't earn you shit)300 point ticker (Way too much for
a message to appear 1 time)Low Scratchy/ Papel rates (Win a rare in 2,000 turns!)A Fake Toothbrush (lol Dr. Tran)
Bugged Events18 hour maintenances (LOL,uggs outlet!)To conclude my long ass Constitution as well as the thoughts of
many players. Thanks to everyone who supports the site and our causes. I am sorry for everyone whom was banned so
ignorantly like myself and my friends. I love all of you and hope you find more luck in whatever it is you will do in the
future. Now it is time for me and others to go check out what gamerzplanet has to offer.
Thus lastly, I would like to Say, "Hello NGreed! Are you ready for some Real Hackers now?!"
Yea super pissed at getting banned, and I'm extra McEmo now, so for all of you still not banned have fun cuz you my
friend are next to go no matter what you think, I have never hacked, never done anything banned but because I'm a
friend of someone who does I get banned WOW way to fricken go Nfail! maybe if you wankers knew how to run a server
we could still have fun but you fail to patch correctly, fail to keep a server stable, and fail to listen to the player's how you
guys get the piggy bank's out of your asses and start doing your job's. I would also like to add WTF why do you think
CIOZone Forums - - Professional Network for CIOs and IT Professionals FireBoard your so cool with your oh speak english in this server notice, they can't read english so maybe spam it in 5 different
languages so they can comprehendo the el stupido message-o, also how bout you come suck my ball's Mr. Garrison, i
mean Mr. Year 2010 the year the USA Server of Pangya dies.
Granty gave me this link . hats off to you Rain, by far the best post regarding this situation I have read so far and every
word is true. If ntreev doesn't want our money, if they can't respect our loyalty and all the good we've done for this place
then fuck them. There are many other companies that will welcome us. I never thought I would say this but OGP was
awesome. When you sent a 1:1 there you got a response in a half hour. I've been waiting five months for them to repay
me for the points I paid for but never received. here at ntreev, not to mention the prepaid blockbuster giftcards that ive
bought and gifted, which doesnt even get reflected on my ntreev mileage. ok so im only one of what? close to 800
banned players. We shall try our best to accommodate for everyone and if there's something we don't know that you
would like to know, we will go out of my way to find it for you, so do not be afraid to ask! We are great people to get along
with, so you should have no trouble. I know this is an old post, but I really agree with you that Ntreev, indeed sucks.
While I have not been banned (yet) from Pangya USA, I am having problems with the game. This is happening to other
players as well. While it's not the game itself, it's GameGuard (Ntreev's shitty anti-hacking system). It's happening to
people who's OS is Windows 7 (64 bit, if I'm correct). I can't even get 10 minutes without d/c'ing. Lots of people have
posted this problem on the forums, but all the GMs do is hide behind their "System requirements" post. They are not
helping in anyway possible. And I REALLY hope Pangya USA will get a better company to represent it,UGGs Alloway
Marine 1001632.

To the two numbskulls who wrote this: come back to the game. It's a whole lot better now. No, really, it is.