Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bongaboi: A Pangya Master From SoCal

Fubuki and Mutsuki from Kantai Collection are grinning at me as I write this new blog entry related to Pangya. Can you imagine if Kaga or Tenryuu or Kongou was made the main character of KanColle? It would spark unrest amongst the fans loyal to their respective shipfus. (Shipfu = ship waifu.) That's why ZUN is against an anime adaptation for Touhou Project, but even that's inevitable.

But let's cut to the chase, readers. At approximately 3:20 a.m. PST, on Mar. 14, 2015, I had finally reached the Master ranks of Pangya Global. It wasn't much, just a nine-hole round of West Wiz on Grand Prix mode on Black Papel 1, the flagship server of Pangya Global. But it was the most important nine holes, as winning this round gave me the experience points I needed to make it to Master E rank.

And there was a lot of buildup to this, too. I had won three rare costume sets from Memorial Gacha: two normal coins and one premium coin (Crimson Berserker Set for Azer, Agent Cecilia Set for Cecilia Classic, Snow Bunny Set for Hana Classic); a fourth Gacha costume set from spinning cubes (the Poster Set for Lucia that I had been chasing for weeks), a duplicate Project G set for Hana that I handed down to my alt, a set of white Under Rim glasses for Lucia that I bought from the Dolfini Shops...and the Candy Club Set that my old golfing friend MS_Aries had. I bought one for my main and alt.

The Candy Club Set on my main jumped up from a D-rank Level 4 to a B-rank Level 5 but since this came at the cost of sacrificing the ranking up of the Handyman Set, it won't move up to A-rank for a while because I want those tools to hopefully be transformed. I'm not going to hog up the Titan Cleansing Powder on those things because I generally don't use the powder, which resets the ranks. I took part in a Tee Time with GM_Melody and was introduced to this thing called a Golden Sweet Yam.

Now what this Golden Sweet Yam does is boost your game EXP by 50% for two hours. However, I decided to save the yams until a later point in time because I really didn't need to go all out to get the EXP to reach the Master ranks. The gap was small enough that the yams were pretty much spared. They are now souvenirs for the time being. I may use them when I am nearing Master D, since I'll be stuck on Master E for a while.

Still, to think that it took me less than two years to reach Master E rank...that's historic. When this Double EXP/Double Pang weekend began, I was 3,000 EXP away from moving up. That was a margin I could make up quickly, since Hana Classic, or, rather, Madoka, has the Cayman SR card and Puff. I could have reached Master E through Weekend EXP boost GP Event tourneys, but I didn't play enough of them. But I did cut into the margin.

I don't know what I will do now at this point regarding Pangya. It looks like now I will have time to do some real world work, maybe some dynasty writing, definitely the grind for FanSided, a doctor's appointment there...The only thing needed now for either Lucia, Madoka or Hana R to complete the character mastery is to secure 100 Tiki Points. I also want Kooh to be on the cusp of that, but she only has 100 games down.

But now that I am now a Master rank, I will allow my alt to finally beat me at some matches, if it happens. It's already been a punching bag long enough. My alt account, which has an S-ranked DuoStar Manapikal Club Set, a Promise Ring and all character remodels reaching 500 games each, is due to have the tables turned. It's now a Pro A and is also about one-sixth of the way towards becoming a National Pro. Not too long ago my main account was a National Pro. Those were the days.

And as a result of my move up, the IGN of Homuhomu2093 is history. Permanently retired. I was/am known as Bongaboi on deviantART, tumblr, the GameRage forums, and now I am known as Bongaboi in-game. A whole lot simpler and more professional. Sort of. This is the IGN that I will use on the long road to becoming a Legend and making Golden Papel my main caddie. (Unless Black Papel or both Elly and Tory arrive before he does, and they have plenty of time.) And it's going to be a fun one.

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