Wednesday, July 08, 2015

There Goes Two Years Of Pangya...

Did some catching up the past few days while playing Pangya Fresh Up. Oh yeah, first I want to note that I completed 10 years of staffing Anime Expo. Good milestone for me, knowing that I helped make people happy. Didn't reach 100K in terms of attendees due to safety issues but we were close. Now, back to the golf. There was this one image of Kooh in a Classic Sailor Bikini that I wanted to grab for years after seeing it on Danbooru. I ended up securing it for myself, and, combined with a few other Gacha prizes won, I was able to replicate the image itself.

The end result was that I had some nice images of Hana on my alt and Kooh on my main consummating. You can see some of that on Gamerage or on my flickr account: joryans under The Pangya Collection 3. Also, I was finally able to get my hands on the Lucielago GT-R (Pink) and bought it for my main and alt. So now the Lucia on my alt now has a Motion Item.

The Play To Win event allowed me to acquire some new Gacha rares for both my accounts, although it would have been nice to have acquired a few more after all the cash I pumped into these two accounts. However, now I can play as Hana without having any issues about my Pangya success rate on my alt. Some thing for Arin on my alt, since she ended up with the Cottontail Set.

As for Anime Expo, I was reduced to doing three gatherings, some candid shots of my current department, Access Control, and other random cosplay/etc. shots. The final count: more than 2.8K shots taken. All of them can be seen on my flickr page, which finally cracked one million views after several years in existence and is marching towards two million. I should have known that there was a Sound! Euphonium gathering but I was working on a schedule and I couldn't do it. I did get to make a shot of Kumiko Oumae, Reina Kousaka's designated partner, so there's that.

I would like to know what the swimwear sets for this year will look like on Pangya Global. All we have going on in terms of Gacha are the bangles, which have forced me to pass on the Gacha until further notice. Rates haven't been impressive, either. In the end, I won't buy too much on Pangya for the time being, as I don't really need new hair clips for Lucia. Would be nice, but I'm not in a rush to obtain common items from the hair set lolboxes.
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